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ᐉ ZenoPets – Indie Game Launchpad ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

ᐉ ZenoPets - Indie Game Launchpad ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

Written partly out of curiosity, I wanted to create some thing with a sturdy social backdrop, some thing exactly where the player requires on a responsiblity. Non-destructive, a game to gradually create some thing with no becoming a really deep or detached sim. To see if the virtual pet location could be taken up a level so here’s my take on that…a Browser-primarily based game involving an alien pet for you to adopt then appear following. The notion is to expand &amp create this in stages corresponding to the development stages of the actual pet. As a one particular-man dev this buys me time to not only function on the game in chunks but to get feedback on what is/is not operating and adjust accordingly. Initially stage is therefore a pseudo-VPet egg hatching level (but making use of alien ‘tech’, namely the Zen-Orb device).

Aimed at Kongregate as their Kreds program appears ideally suited to the games expansion program, with a mobile version feasible.
There is a ton of stuff planned and below way, searching for any help regardless of whether by way of Twitter follows or just constructive comments/crits.
A Browser Promo app is now up on Kongregate, much better viewing than the video (could will need Firefox if you have challenges )

Zeno Pets PROMO