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ᐉ WWE 2K20 Patch Will Arrive In About Two Weeks, 2K Confirmed ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

WWE 2K20‘s launch earlier this week was not met with excitement from fans. Alternatively, numerous have been upset. Glitches galore ruined the encounter for some. Meanwhile, pretty a handful of players who bought the Collector’s Edition didn’t get all the things as advertised. In brief, it is been a fairly messy affair. Concerns with the game itself will be resolved, even so. Apparently, they’ll be fixed in about two weeks. According to a current post from the game’s official Twitter web page, two weeks is how lengthy it might take for an “initial patch” to go reside.

See the tweet in query linked under:

As you can inform, not a lot is getting supplied in the way of precise facts. A rapid glance at the replies beneath the post indicate fans are not impressed with 2K’s response concerning the game’s present state.

It is clear as day numerous buyers haven’t been pleased due to the fact launch. The trending Twitter hashtag #FixWWE2K20 proves as a lot. In reality, a number of players are even asking for refunds. For a time, Sony reportedly granted refunds to some consumers who bought the game digitally on the PS4. Though, that seemed like a game of luck, due to the fact other people have been told refunds are managed by the publisher alone.

Apart from responding to fans with regards to 2K Assistance-connected issues, publisher 2K and its developers have remained silent till now. Whether or not or not mentioned silence will persist when the patch is worked on remains to be noticed. Hopefully, all the things is resolved in a timely style.

[Source: WWE Games on Twitter]