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ᐉ WWE 2K20 Guarantee A Patch For All These Wrestling Mishaps ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Quite a few men and women, which includes myself, have only been clued into WWE 2K20’s existence simply because of some wonderfully gif-in a position glitches that have been whizzing about the world wide web like a character model caught in the quickly-twanging arena ropes. But there are these who basically wanted to play the game as it was intended, and developers Visual Ideas have taken to Twitter to say that they’re conscious of the problems and will be patching them when they can. Video game improvement: it is hard.

“We are listening closely to the feedback that is been shared with regards to WWE 2K20 and are conscious of the issues some players are reporting,” wrote the WWE Games Twitter account. “We’re operating really hard to investigate these issues and address them as vital. We anticipate to have an initial patch in the subsequent two weeks, with other people to adhere to. Remain tuned to WWEGames social media channels for additional information and facts.”

Like Matt mentioned a handful of days ago, I am sorry for the men and women who basically want to play WWE 2K20 even as I am cheered by watching these gifs. I realize that this Sims-woohooing-below-the-covers-style disaster is not what men and women bought, but also, what if it was terrific anyway? I want a entire game of this, but on goal.

Nonetheless, with the very first patch not coming for a couple of weeks, it appears we’ve got a bit of time to take pleasure in it although it lasts.