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ᐉ Three Kingdoms Launch Trailer Features Liu Bei, The Savior ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Total War Three Kingdoms_03

The Creative Assembly’s latest entry in the Total War series is out next week with Total War: Three Kingdoms. As the name indicates, it’s set during the tumultuous era of China where Dong Zhuo ran amok and several warlords emerged to face him. Check out the in-engine launch trailer below, which showcases Liu Bei, a warlord who fights for China’s people.

Though Liu Bei may be outmatched in terms of resources and weapons, he does have the faith of the people. Of course, you can play Total War: Three Kingdoms in other ways as well – the strategist Cao Cao is known for politically maneuvering through his foes, for example. Zheng Jiang is all about razing everything and reaping the rewards, while Dong Zhuo favours conquest and intimidating his kingdom to keep it in line.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is out on May 23rd for PC. You can check out GamingBolt’s official review here and learn more about the various mechanics, like Guanxi, Duels, retinues, and more. Stay tuned for an update when the game becomes officially available.