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ᐉ These Pro Players Want The Very Same Surprising Smash Character Subsequent ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Some of the very best pro Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players from all more than the globe came with each other for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Globe Challenge Cup at Nintendo Reside in Kyoto, Japan. There, IGN was capable to ask each The Dream Group and Group Europe what character they want to see subsequent in Smash Bros. Ultimate, and we received some surprising answers.

Nairo, Light, and Mr.R⁠—three of the seven pro players we interviewed⁠—all stated they want a character from the Tales series represented in Smash, especially, Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. Initially for the GameCube, Tales of Symphonia was the fifth of Bandai Namco’s Tales series and released in Japan in 2003 and North America in 2004.

Watch the intro sequence of Tales of Symphonia in the video above. The brown-haired guy in red is Lloyd!

Lloyd dual wields twin blades as his primary strategy of attack along with some magic in Tales, so we assume he’d do the similar if he produced an look in Smash.(IGN’s personal Tom Marks stated Lloyd’s moveset from Tales of Symphonia could generally be ported a single-to-a single to Smash.) The Tales of Symphonia protagonist is truly a usually requested fighter by fans in Japan as properly.

Nairo stated Tales is underrepresented in Smash, and Light stated not only does he enjoy the Tales series as a entire, but Lloyd is “probably the coolest character in the series.”

Lloyd was the only shared response in between them all, so retain reading to study what other fighters pro Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players MKLeo, Nairo, Mr.R, Light, Lancelot, Sirjon, and Marc want to join—or click via the slideshow under!

Pro Players’ Wanted Smash Ultimate Characters

ᐉ These Pro Players Want The Very Same Surprising Smash Character Subsequent ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

Nairo stated in addition to Lloyd, all of his dream Smash fighters had currently been added⁠—Snake, King K. Rool, and Banjo-Kazooie.

“I was like, ‘Man, Sakurai knows my list,’” Nairo explained.

And if not Lloyd: “Maybe 2B, we haven’t noticed like a female representative in the DLC Fighter Pass however or any of the DLC characters. Nicely, not which includes Kazooie definitely, but you know what I imply.”

If Mr.R had to select an individual in addition to Lloyd, he’d select Hector from Fire Emblem 7 (recognized as Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, initially released as just Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance in North America.)

“I truly like [Hector’s] character style and his character, or Lyn from Fire Emblem 7, which is likely not going to come about for the reason that she’s an Help Trophy currently. But these 3 characters would be truly great,” Mr.R stated.

Watch the grand finals of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Globe Challenge Cup in the video above.

MKLeo, at the moment regarded as the very best Super Smash. Bros Ultimate player in the globe right after winning Evo 2019, desires Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil.

“He’s just from my favored game from my life,” MKLeo explained. “I assume he will be a truly cool character, he will be like, truly comparable to Snake. I am likely not going to like it, but nevertheless, I just want to see him in Smash.”

Sirjon also desires to see a fighter from his favored game: Portal. Her name is Chell, and she’s wield, definitely, a portal gun.

Rayman is Lancelot’s 1st option, not only for the reason that he merely likes the character from his personal games, but for the reason that he thinks his moves would match into Smash Bros. Ultimate properly.

I believed [Phoenix Wright] would be quite enjoyable to play as for the reason that he would be truly weird, becoming an lawyer

Lastly, Marc recommended Phoenix Wright from the Ace Lawyer series.

“I believed he would be quite enjoyable to play as for the reason that he would be truly weird, becoming an lawyer, but I also truly like his game, so it will be amazing to see him in Smash,” Marc stated.

Who is your dream Smash character? Let us know in the comments under! For a lot more on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, verify out how pro Smash players remap their controllers, and watch and study about the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Globe Challenge Cup.

Casey DeFreitas is an Editor at IGN whose Smash ability has been going down hill considering the fact that Brawl. Catch her on Twitter @ShinyCaseyD.