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ᐉ The Obligatory Introduce Yourself Thread ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

October 25, 2019ᐉ The Obligatory Introduce Yourself Thread ᐉ New Mobile Gadget


EmeraldPawnHello all!

My name is Kristian, and i am a Technical Designer from Sweden. My love for games started from a very young age, when i watched my dad and big brother play Super Mario World together on the SNES. I’ve always followed the Nintendo consoles since that early age, and The Legend of Zelda is the game series that has shaped me the most. Other than that, since i’m Swedish(PC nation through and through for decades), i’ve always been a PC kid, playing games from Heroes 3, to World of Warcraft, to Divinity Original Sin 2. My whole life i’ve built fantasy worlds and the rules they contain, from the games i played with friends fighting baddies with sticks in the forest, to the mechanics i’ve worked on with my current team in our startup company.

We are currently searching for communities to take us in to help shape and grow the weird Rave Horror game we are working on.

I love games, but i love creating games more.

Currently working on: Strobophagia – Rave Horror


Hi everyone.
My name is Manna Ciro and I am from Naples, Italy (where the pizza was born).
This is my first active participation to a forum and I just read the rules but anyway sorry if I’m wrong something.
I’m the founder of Badbones Productions, my little brand, and I’m a game developer/designer. Usually I use Unity, Illustrator and some other software to make my games and the platform I prefer to publish is iOS.
My passion for the video games started in 90s, where with my Commodore 64 with I spent whole days on.
My first games were PacMan, Tetris, Maniac Mansion (I loved it), then when my dad bought me a PC with Pentium 1 133mhz and Voodoo2 Age Of Empire, Starcraft, Warcraft, Worms, Alone in the dark, Need for speed, Quake. I loved also Monkey Island, Broken Sword, HalfLife, Doom.
When I bought my first Playstation there was the big love with Resident Evil, Crash, Hitman, Metal Gear, tekkie etc.
I like also the design in every its kind of art and my first food is….. Pizza 🙂
I like Quentin Tarantino’s movies but also Dario Argento, Fellini, Wes Craven, Tim Burton, David Lynch, Francis Coppola.

Belive in yourself

BrightestGamesLevel 0

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Hi, there indies!

We are BrightestGames (, here you can see some of our developed online games ( We are focusing on developing mainly car games, truck games, bike games and expand into more intricate games. Have a look at our games and maybe you will get inspired.

Nice knowing you guys!

MadnessMenLevel 0

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Heya all!

We are the MadnessMen! We are 2 guys from Italy that always loved Indie Games.
We are also music composers, so one day back in 2014 we decided to start developing our personal games.
We started with some Google Play games (one app has reached 250000 download! WOW!).

After 3 years we moved to develop our 1st Windows/Linux Indie game!
We have it now on Steam, the release date is 18 of October, and we putted in a lot of efforts! (The game have original soundtrack composed by us, original story, characters, programming and some graphic drawings!)

This is the main reason that lead us here, we want to exchange tips, informations and any other thing related to indie games (and our game also of course) with anyone!

See ya!

SesameHello everybody!

I am Maria, and together with my husband Stepan we are trying to make our very first video game.

We are the 90s kids, so I feel like games grew up together with me (hope you know what I mean). For me it was particularly point and click games like Syberia and The Longest Journey which I fell in love with, but also strategies like Civilization and especially Heroes Of Might And Magic III. I mean, the game was my life! I loved the art and the music even before I could understand how to actually play it, and I play it on GOG to this day (and surprisingly, I am not alone and competitive HoMM is still a thing).

But I have ridiculously poor reflexes, so I can’t relate to any platformers/FPS fans out here. I know it’s my loss, and I love watching my husband play them, but I myself have zero skill and it doesn’t look like it gets better with practice haha Facepalm

Anyway, my favourite genre is still a narrative rich adventure game, and what I love specifically is how storytelling techniques apply to video games. My absolute heroes are the guys from Wadjet Eye Studio, and of course I can appreciate both Lucas Pope’s games. I’ve never been a fan of Lucas Arts though, since I like dramatic stories and not so much tomfoolery of the early point and clicks.

So the game we are working on right now is a pixel art point and click mystery game with just a bit of supernatural stuff which I hope will be emotional and will tell a story about belonging. We are both software engineers but have no experience in game dev, and I have some writing and a tiny bit of art experience. It looks like a really hard job but right now for me it’s the only meaningful job to do, so I really really hope we will pull through Shrug

I am very glad to be here and hope to be a part of a great community that is indie game enthusiasts!

badtasteLevel 0

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Hi all, I’m Uros from Belgrade, Serbia.
I’m the Community Manager for Clock Drive games – a small indie studio from Belgrade that’s working on its debut title – WARLANDER

Warlander is a third-person single-player roguelike action-adventure that combines a procedurally generated world with tactical swordplay combat. Its release is planned for early 2020.

I also work with the small indie team that’s working on Cryptic Legends – Hero Management Card game based on blockchain technology. They are currently working on the closed beta that’s planned for the end of the year.

I hope I’ll be able to learn new things and share my experiences with the community as well!

PeterkHi All,

Peter K here. I’ve been running an art outsource studio for about 17 years. I’ve worked on Civilization 4/5, XCOM1/2, World of Tanks, Ashes of the Singularity, Bioshock infinite, and a bunch of other titles.

I’ve also made VR hardware to help you walk in VR hands free. I love making indie games, and I’ve release a few over the years , from my fun little side-scroller game “Majestic-12”, to my current project “Tech vs Magic”. I’m excited to check out TIGsource, and to check out all the awesome games everyone else is working on.

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Hi! I’m Adrien Quay-Thevenon.

I originally hail from France but I’ve been living in Montreal, Canada for the past seven years.
More than anything else I love to play and create video games, particularly multiplayer games that let players express their creativity.

I’ve been a game designer and programmer at indie studios including illogika and Spearhead Games for over eight years. However, I quit my last job in early 2017 to work full time on Playcraft.

I think creativity is one of the most important skills we can develop.


My twitter:


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I’m working on a zeldalike with magic and would like to be found by people who are into zelda.

You can follow my updates from twitter

I paint the sprites so if you’re into that kind of visuals but not zeldalike games still check it out.


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