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The Finest Of Trickster Online’s Soundtrack ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

The Finest Of Trickster Online’s Soundtrack ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

When going on musical expeditions, I get the most excited when I open up a folder of tracks from lesser-identified MMORPGs. I feel that is due to the fact you never ever know what you will get, and there is constantly the extremely genuine possibility that a soundtrack gem has remained largely hidden from the community’s eye. So it was with that sense of curiosity and hopeful anticipation that I waded via the soundtrack of Trickster On the net to hear what this title provided.

Made by Korean studio Ntreev Soft, Trickster On the net ran from 2003 to 2014 and created extremely tiny waves in its operation. The title was a cute anime-styled MMO that drew inspiration from Greek mythology, which resulted in a tonal mix that filtered down into the score.

So is this a gem or a dud? I’ll let you listen to my six picks soon after the break, but I shall say that Trickster did not finish up becoming some sort of surprising reservoir of melodic masterpieces. There are a handful of fascinating experiments and agreeable tracks but practically nothing that will aid this title’s legacy endure. At least now I know!

“A Talk”

I feel you can get a excellent sense of Trickster’s whole soundtrack from this distinct piece. It is pleasant, it has poppy percussion, and it is sort of schmaltzy. It is nearly created not to offend everyone, but at the identical time, it is not taking any dangers to genuinely stand out. Seriously, if you can envision your MMO music becoming played in the lobby of a hotel, perhaps you have taken a incorrect turn at some juncture.

“Alteo Empire Night”

I do appreciate that this OST has a quantity of day and evening tracks, as I feel these are very underutilized in MMORPGs. This distinct one particular is as relaxing and intimate as you would want from an evening piece, comprehensive with many sound effects and gentle musical stingers.

“Phantom School”

So would a phantom college be no college at all? Eh, never ever thoughts. This track leans heavily on a straightforward harp melody, metallic xylophones, and background humming to build an aura of mystery, and you know what? It sort of operates. It is absolutely listenable, in any case.


Hey, I never ever mentioned that schmaltzy was undesirable all of the time. Take this track as an instance. It could make some people’s eyes twitch, but for me, I can get into the goofy, vacation mood that it is attempting to cultivate. Cheesy is how you want your tracks at times.

“Desert Beach”

Are you a sucker for tracks that toss in a distinct favourite offbeat instrument? Effectively, I completely am, which is why I hear steel drums and I’m like, “Yes, please!” This piece is not that complicated, but it is obtaining a entertaining time finding its Caribbean groove on even so.

“Dark Rose 1”

And for my final choose from a rather lackluster choice, I’m going to go with this ambient track, largely due to the fact I sort of like the vibe that this lays down. It is sort of peaceful and I can think about questing to it in the background, so congrats, Dark Rose 1. You are finding your 15 seconds in the spotlight. This will never ever occur once more.

The Finest Of Trickster Online’s Soundtrack ᐉ New Mobile GadgetMMOs are meant to be heard as nicely as observed, and possibilities are that music ties your memories to these games a lot more than you could recognize. Each two weeks Jukebox Heroes listens via a game soundtrack and picks out the highlights to share and talk about. And if you like this column, then do not miss the author’s MMO music podcast, Battle Bards!