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ᐉ The Best Five New Games For Apple Arcade – September 19th

noviembre 16, 2022

So, you’ve got Apple Arcade – that’s right, it’s out – and you’re sampling your first month for free. Value for money isn’t the question now – you’ll have paid your sub in future, so you’re already in, right? It’s time to talk about the best five games on Apple Arcade in which case – so you can smartly divide your time between the best of the games from the dozens there.

Before we start, you’ll maybe notice that a few of the games on this might not appear on your device when you first browse the storefront. Don’t worry though, as it turns out there are simply too many games on there for Apple to present in a readable manner. That’s definitely an issue we’ve heard of before. The games are still there, you’ll just need to either search for them or scroll down to the ‘See All’ option in order to see the full library.

With launch titles including the psychadelic dimension-battler Sayonara Wild Hearts, adorably-furry RPG Cat Quest II and even long-awaited, Sega puzzler sequel ChuChu Rocket Universe there were plenty of titles which could have gone into the best five, however with over 70 to choose from we had to be quite strict in deciding the best.

Just so you know, you’ll be able to check out all of our Apple Arcade recommendations at our new Best Games For Apple Arcade hub, that’ll just keep on filling up with great games to check out as the library continues to fluctuate over the months. Or, if you’d rather find out the news as hot as it lands then you can follow us over on Twitter.

Anyway, let’s get to the games. Just click through the big blue button below to find out our best five picks from the Apple Arcade launch line-up.