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ᐉ ‘Tanuki Sunset’ Stars A Skateboarding Raccoon ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Tanuki Sunset pits a talented raccoon against a procedurally-generated hill, getting you test your mettle against the synthwave-themed seaside road.

If you have ever wanted to skateboard as a raccoon in a video game, your time has come, my pal.

In this brief and inventive game, you will have to deal with the organic enemies of a road-shredding raccoon – namely, vehicles. You will have to bust our some top rated-of-line drifting to stay away from becoming roadkill. All though racking up as several points as achievable.

ᐉ 'Tanuki Sunset' Stars A Skateboarding Raccoon ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

How does a raccoon get significant points from skateboarding? This can be accomplished by carrying out cool drifts and tricks like finding a ton of air time for a daredevil jump More than a vehicle. You will be heavily rewarded for escaping tight squeezes and close to misses, also. You can also gather Tanuki Bits on your way down which will fill up a Bonus Roulette meter for even extra points. I imply, it is all about the points.

Clearly, this is a game to attempt for anybody who desires to support this raccoon have the time of its life. And the raccoon with the most points is the grooviest one particular of all. So, hop on your longboard and hit the hill.

Tanuki Sunset is accessible on

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