Patreon is the next tech giant to crack down on QAnon

Caitlin O’Hara/Getty Images Patreon is joining the ranks of tech companies cracking down on QAnon. Bloomberg reports the crowdfunding site is banning accounts “dedicated” to promoting the discredited conspiracy theory, […]

Meet Misako, coming to crack skulls in River City Girls

[ad_1] Spiked knuckledusters. Sold. WayForward Games and Arc Method Operates have released a quick trailer, spotlighting one particular of the dual heroines from upcoming retro brawler River City Girls. Place […]

A real traditional! Crack Down – Amiga

[ad_1] Remembering a real traditional – Daniel Main aka @GuyFawkesRetro remembers Crack Down on the Amiga by US Gold – launched in 1990 To place it bluntly, arcade conversions on […]

Crack the Code, Win Each Bundle

[ad_1] &#x1f631 We’ve been hacked… once again! Maybe some of you code crackers reading this have helped us out in the previous! We had been barely half way by way of […]