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ᐉ Pokemon Masters Producer Yu Sasaki Has Acknowledged Player’s Troubles With The Game And Says Modifications Are Coming

noviembre 16, 2022

Yu Sasaki, the producer of Pokemon Masters has released a statement to the players in-game. Right here he acknowledges some of the troubles raised by players they are hoping to address in the brief and extended term.

The key two issues they are searching to address is players feeling there is not adequate content material and a variety of troubles with battle tricky and style. Sasaki admits that they initially believed players would take significantly longer progressing by way of the key story that most truly have, believing it would take them by way of each September and October. They also say they are conscious of the troubles players have with the EX Challenge style and say they will be adjusting all of these components. Facts of precisely how this will modify will be explained in higher detail in a future newsletter.

They did deliver a handful of simple information on what will be changed in the brief-term as points like battle difficulty/style and UI could take a although longer to repair. Players can count on additional story events and a revised reward technique to seem additional instantly than the bigger alterations.

With regards to the battling style and difficulty, Sasaki stated that they want to ‘create an atmosphere exactly where fans can companion with their favourite sync pairs and locate exclusive options to entertaining challenges’. This is terrific to hear as it really is surely one particular of my larger troubles with the game, I usually really feel obligated to have a Pokemon with a kind benefit which occasionally indicates I am forced to use a sync-pair I am not truly all that interested in.

It absolutely appears like Sasaki and his group are incredibly significantly committed to producing Pokemon Masters a game that men and women will delight in extended term. They’ve acknowledged a lot of the troubles that I’ve noticed raised so they are absolutely searching into what their player base thinks so hopefully, this will lead to additional good modifications for the game. You can study the complete statement in the news tab of the game.

Pokemon Masters is out there now on the App Retailer and Google Play. It really is a cost-free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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