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PlayStation five to Play Most current Triple-A Games at 4k 60 FPS (AMD Navi, Zen two) – Ultragamerz, The greatest game news for the greatest gamers

noviembre 16, 2022

PS five to Function Ray Tracing

PS 5

The PlayStation Pro is a strong console but, according to the most up-to-date rumors, it is not going to be anyplace close to as strong as the Sony PlayStation five which is going to be two occasions a lot more strong than the Xbox 1 X. The PS five is going to be the 1st console to function an eight core/16 threads 7nm Zen two CPU and a 7nm AMD Navi GPU.

PS five Specs

The Sony PlayStation five is confirmed to function the subsequent-gen AMD Zen two CPU series and ru8mors claim that it is going to function eight cores/16 threads which indicates that consoles wouldn’t be held back by weak and outdated CPUs. We also know that the Sony PlayStation five is going to function the subsequent-gen AMD Navi GPU series which is rumored to function 12 teraflops of functionality. The most surprising aspect is the truth that the Sony PlayStation five is going to function an SSD that is stated to be quicker then any SSD that you can invest in for your gaming Computer. The PS five is also stated to function help for 8k and ray tracing which indicates that it is going to be quite strong.

Release Date/Value

While we do not have any official information about the PS 5’s release date, the most up-to-date rumors claim that it is going to be released sometime in 2019. We could even see it at E3 which is quite unexpected as the PS five was stated to be released about 2020. Proper now, we do not have an precise cost point either but, we can infer that the PS five is going to expense about $500. Sony did say that the PS 5’s cost is going to appeal to gamers which indicates that it is undoubtedly not going to launch at a $600 cost point.

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