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ᐉ Orudo Taima – Game Jam Construct Download ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Orudo Taima is a quirky 2D action platformer exactly where you discover an island, battle weird goblin monsters and try to scavenge sources to repair up your boat.

Made for Ludum Dare 45, in Orudo Taima you take handle of an old man who is the final (human) inhabitant on a forsaken island. Right after getting a message that he may well be a father the old man decides to leave the island in search of answers, but his ship is in a state of disrepair so will will need to be fixed up with scrap he can uncover on the island.

You check out distinct areas about the forsaken island exactly where you can grab sources and load them up onto the back of your truck. At every single place you will also uncover maps that lead you to new areas exactly where you can uncover extra stuff. Issues commence off pretty quick, but it quickly becomes apparent that the island is not really as uninhabited as you 1st believed, with lots of goblin-esque monsters who do not take kindly to you stealing their scrap. Fortunately you can fight back, and most of the scrap you gather can be employed as a weapon and also has a beneficial secondary function – such as propelling you higher into the air or providing you a increase.

It is an odd small game that truly impresses with its charming pixel art animation and entertaining action platforming gameplay. The secondary skills of the different scrap components is a good touch and getting in a position to create up your ship with the scrap you gather is extremely satisfying. See if you can escape the forsaken island!

Download Urudo Taima Right here (Windows &amp Mac)