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ᐉ Odds And Ends, The Linux And Gaming Sunday Section ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Time for a very good brew, some relaxation, possibly a tiny gaming and our Sunday roundup of fascinating taking place inside the Linux and gaming sphere.

Excellent news for fans of streamlined 4x technique games, as Dominus Galaxia just managed to scrape by the objective on Kickstarter. Covered right here earlier in the month, with a objective of CA$20K it just hit a tiny more than 21K. You can also nevertheless obtain the demo on and Steam. It really is also now on our devoted Crowdfunding Web page sitting alongside more than 250 other folks!

Yet another bit of crowdfunding news is that the friendly mini-on the web RPG, Book of Travels, covered not too long ago on GOL has currently entirely smashed their initial objective by a big quantity. Their Kickstarter campaign runs till November 25 and it really is hunting like the funds will maintain rolling in. Their games are generally distinctive, so I am keen to see what they do with such an RPG.

Issues are hunting up for Dota Underlords, with “The Significant Update” launching not too long ago the player numbers appear to have shot back up. Beginning off at a peak of about 200K from the hype of a new Valve game, it dropped fairly damn challenging down to about 23K. Because the new update, it really is hitting back above 40K so there is lots of life in it.

Godot Engine continues enormous improvements towards the subsequent big version with Vulkan, with the lead developer Juan Linietsky not too long ago placing out a post on Twitter to show off their new perform-in-progress “Realtime GI with reflections, responding to a number of dynamic objects with dynamic components”.

Ikey Doherty, the original founder of Solus Linux has left Intel and is now operating on creating games beneath Lispy Snake, Ltd. Their initial game 2D named The Final Peacekeeper, is supposed to be anything like Battlestar Galactica meets Homeworld.

GNOME are at present fighting off a patent troll (Rothschild Patent Imaging, LLC) attacking the Shotwell image management application with the GNOME Foundation Executive Director, Neil McGovern, receiving prepared to fight back. They’ve setup a fund to enable the fight, with a objective of $125K they are receiving close to hitting.

There is been a handful of updates for open supply graphics drivers lately. The Mesa group released each 19.1.eight and 19.two.two with different bug fixes and improvements. Mesa 19.three is due towards the finish of the year.

I was also a guest speaker after once more on the outstanding Linux For Everybody podcast for Episode 14!

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