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ᐉ NVIDIA Release Another Fresh Vulkan Beta Driver

noviembre 16, 2022

ᐉ NVIDIA Release Another Fresh Vulkan Beta Driver

NVIDIA just quietly released another fresh update to their special developer-focused Vulkan Beta Driver.

After moving it over to the 455 series at the end of September, they released driver version 455.26.01 on October 9 which is a small bug-fix cleanup with these changes:

Reminder: This special Vulkan beta driver is where all the shiny new stuff goes in before making its way into the stable release for everyone. Really, it’s mostly aimed at developers and serious enthusiasts. Unless you need what’s in them, it’s generally best to use the stable drivers.

The newest stable versions of the main NVIDIA driver for Linux are at 450.80.02 released on September 30 from their “long lived” series or 455.28 released on October 7 from their “short lived” series. The difference can be a little confusing, NVIDIA explained the difference between short / long lived drivers as:

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