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ᐉ New Manor Map News

noviembre 16, 2022

The final map for Sinister Halloween game. You and your close friends arrive at the old manor, only to uncover overwhelming evil, your purpose is to cease this as soon as and for all

We have released our final map for Campaign. In this map, you will face all the evil characters in a single map. Locate out how to save your close friends from the reapers grip, and cease the evil presence as soon as and for all.

You will have weapons to deal with the evil creatures of the evening, This map will attempt to scare you in tight corners and corridors, hopefully, you can manage your worry and assistance this modest city from getting overcome by evil.


Manor Map trailer

Play the exclusive demo for IndieDB featuring a single of our maps! Verify it out under:

Sinister Halloween Forrest Map demo




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