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ᐉ Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt – Shang Tsung Fatalities, Coronary Heart Chest Areas, Skeleton Keys ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

With the primary character of the Kombat Go now obtainable, it appears there’s some confusion round Mortal Kombat 11’s Krypt and its wealth of unlockables. We intention to set the document straight with some new particulars on the DLC characters, in addition to offer you some suggestions for unlocking stuff within the Krypt, even after quite a few patches. But there are methods if you know the way, that you could unlock the a number of totally different areas, coronary heart chests, and even the top spikes.

Whether or not you are a newcomer or a veteran kombatant, there’s loads of issues to find out about Mortal Kombat 11. Head on over to our hub for all the pieces you must know which you could find in our Mortal Kombat 11 information.

If you wish to get some hearts there are a couple of ways in which you are able to do it. You possibly can both go to our Mortal Kombat 11 farming information to study extra about tips on how to rapidly get hold of them.

On this information, we gives you the areas of the center chests within the recreation which have been documented up to now, in addition to areas of every of the gadgets you’ll have to discover the Krypt absolutely.

Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Go unlockables

With the most recent DLC now within the palms of the general public, it appears that evidently the Krypt isn’t the tactic for unlocking the brand new fatalities, brutalities, and costumes for Shang Tsung. As an alternative, it’s utilizing the Dwelling Towers to cover away the overwhelming majority of the stuff for Shang Tsung, and it may be safely assumed that the remainder of the characters will work in the identical manner. Fortunately, the Dwelling Towers have been toned down considerably in issue and these ones specifically are capable of be accomplished with relative ease. You have to to manually management your character nonetheless, so some information of combos and assaults could also be vital. These towers will probably be obtainable for some time, so it’s best to have loads of time to dive in and full these challenges.

Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt chests

The numerous majority of the chests discovered inside Krypt have randomised areas. The loot of every particular person chest is identical all through, so that you’ll solely get a sure mixture of things. For instance, if a chest have been to incorporate two items of idea artwork for Jacqui Briggs, these two items of idea artwork can be discovered collectively in a distinct chest in another person’s recreation, however at all times collectively.

The one exception to this are the Shao Kahn headed “Coronary heart chests”. These require you to smash the bonce off of them first, earlier than spending a whopping 250 hearts to open it. Hearts are by far the least widespread forex within the recreation, and NetherRealm Studios have not too long ago made the announcement that they’ll be rising the quantity of all forex, together with hearts, earned.

At the moment you’ll get a couple of hearts at most for executing a Fatality or Brutality, so it’s a little bit of a grind. We now have some recommendations on farming sources in our Mortal Kombat 11 farming information. You get hold of sources by doing the next:

  • Koins – Obtained by doing something from combos to smashing pots and ending modes.
  • Souls – Obtained by finishing towers and attaining targets.
  • Hearts – Obtained by performing Fatalities and Brutalities, in addition to purchase utilizing the Scorpion Spear on corpses in Krypt mode.

Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Skeleton Keys

One of many main boundaries you’ll face is in relation to unlocking particular doorways with Skeleton Keys. Nevertheless there’s a approach to replenish chests reliably and one of many chests is assured to include a Skeleton Key per opening it. The chest on the Palace Entrance (6410, -460) comprises a Skeleton Key each time you open it, which means that you need to use Kronika’s Time Vault to repopulate the chests for 2000 Koins per chest. This consists of all of the soul chests which have been opened, however not the center chests. The closest Kronika’s Time Vault to the Skeleton Key chest is at The Courtyard (1136, 3393).

Unlocking Shang Tsung’s Throne Room with Head chests

Among the greatest treasure to unlock is hidden away. To unlock the Throne Room, you’ll want to stay some heads on pikes, and to get these heads legitimately, you’ll have to carry out 50 fatalities or brutalities on particular characters within the Towers of Time. This may be fairly the grind, so one of the best advice is to mix this with farming of supplies with AI fighters. Extra on these in our Mortal Kombat 11 farming and our Mortal Kombat 11 characters guides respectively. There was a technique when the sport first got here out for unlocking these chests the place you exploit a glitch as you load into the Krypt, nonetheless I’ve now examined this with the most recent model and that is now confirmed to now not work.

Mortal Kombat 11 250 coronary heart chest areas

In the beginning, an enormous shout out to the Mortal Kombat 11 Reddit group for becoming a member of forces with one another to make an enormous listing of unlockable gadgets. In an inventory compiled by Reddit consumer “TheCursedTroll”, this may have been an enormous enterprise with out them, so we’ll summarise their findings in a desk beneath. I’d suggest trying to find the character to see the place their corresponding chest is. Every one prices a whopping 250 hearts to unlock.

Whereas most of those have the area, some data is scarce. We will probably be taking a look at filling within the blanks, however for now simply search for the coordinates and any supplementary descriptions. Word that coordinates can seem in minus figures.

Character chestChest contentsChest location & coordinatesBarakaBrutality – Reduce Up
Pores and skin – Lifeless Pool Despoiler
Arm Blades – Okrakan of the Battle
Head Gear – Invader of the Lei Chen
Battle Banner – Ensign of the Ten Hells
Increase – Horns of BattleGardens (5646, 5216)Cassie CageBrutality – You Bought BLB’d
Pores and skin – Area Titanium
Pistol – Imported HK Snapdragon
Shades – Rowdy AF
Drone – Tiny Dancer
Increase – Crashing EagleCourtyard Cave (-3071, -2738)
Requires Dragon AmuletCetrionBrutality – Smoked Flesh
Pores and skin – Iron Will
Goddess Crown – Lucifina Hellborne
Everlasting Corona – Brunhilde
Dwelling Tendril – Talons of the One Beast
Increase – Bone Shattering StoneCourtyard (-788, -9370)
Requires Blindfold
Pull the 2 chains close by to ignite the flames, then placed on the blindfold to see the opposite two chains to drag.D’VorahBrutality – Come My Youngster
Pores and skin – Inside Sight
Implanters – Lavendrix
Pores and skin Clenching Antilions
The Descent
Increase – Hive DefenderKytinn Hive (5205, 1184)Erron BlackBrutality – Kiss My Spur
Pores and skin – Ruckus
Black Hat – Born within the 915
Rifle – Moosehunter .338
Pistol – Rhythm & Blues
Increase – Stockpile of CorrosivesPicket Bridge (-1055, -7033)FrostBrutality
Pores and skin
Different cosmetics
IncreaseDecrease Courtyard (-7550, -5528)GerasBrutality
Pores and skin
Different cosmetics
IncreaseThe Jails (-7748, 13987)
That is in Goro’s Lair.JadeBrutality – What Would Mileena Do?
Pores and skin – Olivine
Masks – The Imperial Gem
Razor-Rang – Amethyst Killstar
Employees – Stolen Thunder of Chun Hao
Increase – Kiss the FilthThe Lifeless Woods (3465, -1136)Jacqui BriggsBrutality
Pores and skin
Different cosmetics
IncreaseCourtyard (8020, -4958)
By the Sektor Physique puzzleJaxBrutality – I Mentioned Sleep
Pores and skin – Quick Mover
Bionic Arms – Horton’s Healers
Belt Buckle – Dashaloo Marketing campaign
Thumper – Boot Camp
Increase – Tectonic DriveCourtyard (-70, 3835)
Close to the throne by the beginning.Johnny CageBrutality – On the Doooor
Pores and skin – Hollywood Hunk
Glasses – Diamond Cutter
Hand Wrap – Paladin of Pugilism
Buckle – Pushed to Greatness
Increase – Wire FundsThe Dojo (3076, -4092)KabalBrutality – Screamer
Pores and skin – Pace Freak
Face protect – Hardcore Black Dragon
Hook swords – Reward of the Shaolin Monks
Gasoline canister – Bromantan
Increase – Leg Shredder(-8642, -6393)
Throughout the 2000 soul bridge. Behind a skeleton key.KanoBrutality
Pores and skin
Different cosmetics
IncreaseThe Courtyard (-2984, 4718)
This one is accessed by the elevate in Goro’s Lair, discovered at -6757, 2622.KitanaBrutality (unconfirmed)
Pores and skin – Daughter of Hell
Different cosmetics
IncreaseDecrease Pit (-7470, – 975)Kotal KhanBrutality – Sawed
Pores and skin – Coatepec
Macana – Macana of the Osh-Tekk
Hook – Tochtli Blood Sicles
Totem – Talisman of the Osh-Tekk
Increase – Targeted BeamCourtyard Cave (6648, -4487)
Simply earlier than the elevate to Goro’s LairKollectorBrutality – Slice Slice Slice
Pores and skin – Bootleg
Satchel – J. Cage Fall Kollection
Rocks – Kartazian Ember
Idol – Shaolin Dragon
Increase – Magical RedirectionGoro’s Lair (5422, -1445)
Contained in the Kollector’s RoomKung LaoBrutality
Pores and skin
Different cosmetics
IncreaseGoro’s Throne Room (-1545, -3414)
Left of Goro’s corpse.Liu KangBrutality – Insert Koin
Pores and skin – Streets of Hearth
Headband – Pouncing Tiger
Nunchaku – Phoenix Wings
Bracers – Devastating One Knuckle Punch
Increase – Bond of HearthKytinn Hive (-5487, -1830)
Requires Dragon Amulet – open the door by the wheel puzzle.Noob SaibotBrutality – Extra Portals Extra Issues
Pores and skin – Nice Bi-Han’s Ghost
Masks – Gao Yang
Sickle – Primordial Kombat
Shadow – Soul of Immortal Victory
Increase – Sudden SundownGoro’s Lair (-3464, -2183)
This one is within the Eating Corridor, subsequent to the elevator.RaidenBrutality – God’s Wrath
Pores and skin – Lightning Tempest
Hat – Patron of the Shaolin
Employees – Darkcloud
Medallion – Reward of the Elder Gods
Increase – Certain LightningGoro’s Lair – (13228, 4965)
Again of the Fortress Treasure Chamber in Goro’s Lair. That is the massive room with lava and swinging pendulums.ScorpionBrutality – Save Me A Slice
Pores and skin – Punisher
Ninja Masks – Sama of the Shirai Ryu
Katana – Fumio Hasashi’s Wrath
Spear – Hokkaido Ablaze
Increase – Soul Piercing ThrowThe Jails (-6864, 1181)Shao KahnBrutality – Head Kabob
Pores and skin – Blood Stone Butcher
Wrath Hammer – Sunbreaker
Emperor’s Helmet – Shinnok’s Adversary
Lance – Kahngorin Lance
Increase – Robust Arm ThrowThe Torture Halls (1767,6455)
This room comprises the Reptile statue.SkarletBrutality – Lovely Blood
Pores and skin – Erythrocyte
Masks – Bloody Bewitcher
Blade – Bloodmaster’s Handblade
Blood Vial – Mileena’s Bastard Blood
Increase – Befouling TorrentChamber of Struggling (-5208, 4919)Sonya BladeBrutality – Kisses
Pores and skin – Military Brat
Head gear – Mannequin Soldier
Gloves – Shock and Awe
Ok.A.T Turret – Rolling Thunder
Increase – Mobility BreakerThe Vault (5085, 1618)Sub-ZeroBrutality – Butchered
Pores and skin – White Stalker
Masks – Cryomancer of Battle
Axe – Rime Axe of Shanshen
Belt – Grandmaster’s Lethal Arsenal
Increase – Surging FrostArmoury (-5426, -5804)

Mortal Kombat 11 100 coronary heart chest areas

These ones are additionally fastened in place, but it surely’s at present not as properly researched. These are Scorpion themed, requiring you to unlock them by hooking close by lanterns. They price 100 hearts to open. Beneath are the at present confirmed ones, once more courtesy of the Mortal Kombat 11 Reddit group publish.

  • Goro’s Eating Corridor (-807, -88)Kotal Kahn Nopalla Pores and skinKotal Kahn Macana: Shining Ocelot MaqahuitlErron Black Hat: GhastlyRiderJade Razor-Rang: Lethal Hand of Bell Yim200 Time KrystalsRusty Vintage Six Shooter (Forge Merchandise)
  • Lifeless Woods (7111, -3899)Jacqui Briggs Proper Slipshot Proper GauntletJax Briggs Uncomfortable Ally Pores and skinCassie Cage STFU PistolJax Briggs Metal Dragon Bionic Arms200 Time KrystalsBusted Black Market Gauntlet (Forge Merchandise)
  • Goro’s Lair (2634, -8226) (behind the fireplace lure)Kano On the Bottle Pores and skinKano Jacks Epic Eye Eye DefendKabal Weeping Nightmare Face DefendErron Black Hella Depraved Black HAt200 Time KrystalsBent Hook Swords (Forge Merchandise)

Krypt Shrine

When you’ve opened the entire chests at the least as soon as, you’ll not get an enormous quantity from sealing them again up and reopening them, except you’re particularly on the lookout for Skeleton Keys. The Krypt Shrine nonetheless does nonetheless have some invaluable gear to unlock, largely skins and components, however you’ll have to make a sizeable donation. While you first begin out, be sure to put within the minimal Koins to unlock a key merchandise. From that time onwards, be sure to’re solely donating 75,000 Koins if you would like components for characters, and 100,000 Koins for brand spanking new skins.

Krypt key merchandise areas

Earlier than we go, you’ll need to get across the Krypt as absolutely as attainable. Listed below are the important thing merchandise areas you’ll need to get hold of in Mortal Kombat 11:

  • Shao Kahn’s Hammer – discovered on the Palace Entrance on the altar, destroys crumbled partitions and pots.
  • Motaro’s Horn – Smash the meteorite that plunges into the Warrior Shrine to discover a gem. Head again into the courtyard and smash behind the massive construction with the lions. Head via and open the door at (1560, 5249). The horn is behind the barricade, and behind a change. It’s at (4689, 1587), and opens the door to Goro’s Lair on the Warrior’s Shrine.
  • Ermac’s Soul – Discovered within the Decrease Pit. From Goro’s Throne Room, head left from his corpse via the tunnel and open the chamber. Go up the steps and round till you see one other chain to drag. Pull it and discover the elevator that goes up. Ermac will plunge into the pit, so examing his corpse to search out his amulet. Interacts with glowing inexperienced gadgets.
  • Spear of Hanzo Hasashi – From Goro’s Throne Room, go proper from Goro’s corpse and thru the open door to the left to enter the Armoury. You’ll discover the Spear of Hanzo Hasashi glowing on this chamber. Can be utilized to drag down lanterns to open doorways or corpses for a coronary heart.
  • Kenshi’s Blindfold – From Goro’s Throne Room, go proper from Goro’s corpse and pull the chain. Head via to Goro’s Treasure Chamber. Proceed via till you come throughout Kenshi’s Final Stand. The blindfold is on his corpse and permits you to see secret paths to smash via partitions or open secret chests. Consumes inexperienced spirit vitality somewhat slowly and you may be killed by ghosts randomly.
  • Reptile’s Claw – Search for a secret passage utilizing Kenshi’s Blindfold within the Torture Halls.
  • Amulet of Earthrealm’s Protector – Full all of the tutorial towers within the “Towers of Time” mode. That is outdoors of the Krypt mode.
  • Fragments of the One Being (Coronary heart, Thoughts, and Soul) – Carry out 10 Fatalities, 10 Brutalities, and 10 Mercies to get all three. Have to be carried out in Towers of Time or Klassic Towers. Exterior of Krypt mode.
  • Coronary heart of Blaze – Use the Fragments of the One Being to unlock the door in Goro’s Nice Corridor (3507, -5850). Keep away from the traps and open the chest on the finish that prices 80,000 Koins. Used with the Spear to gentle our bodies on hearth.
  • Thunder God’s Shattered Employees – Insert the Amulet of Earthrealm’s Protector into the Raiden statue the meteor hit to revive the statue.
  • Dragon Amulet Keystone – Open the door with the Skeleton Key on the second ground of Goro’s Eating Corridor. Take the left previous the lure hallways to search out the Thunder God’s Door. Use the Thunder God’s Shattered Employees to open it. Take the primary left on the platform, avoiding any traps to discover a chest that requires 20,000 Koins to open. The Amulet is inside.
  • Kronika’s Amulet – Go to the shrine and use it. The primary time you employ it, you’ll at all times get this amulet, so don’t spend greater than 1000 Koins.
  • Shinnok’s Amulet – Craft it on the Forge through the use of “Ensorcelled Demon’s Coronary heart”, “Ensorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls”, and “Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon”. These are discovered within the following areas and prices 60,000 Koins and 1500 Soul Fragments to make:Demon’s Coronary heart – In chestsGem of Trapped Souls – Within the Lifeless Woods Soul Vault – prices 10,000 Soul FragmentsEye of a Dragon – Kill spiders within the Kytinn Hive in Goro’s Lair. Within the Torture Halls opened by the Skeleton Key.
  • Cetrion’s Amulet – Carry out 50 Fatalities towards Cetrion in any of the Klassic Towers or Towers of Time. You possibly can recreation this by loading out and in of the Survivor tower till Cetrion seems first. Rating a fatality within the first spherical, then give up when the following fighter seems. You’ll then be capable to return and combat Cetrion once more.

That’s all the pieces you must know concerning the Krypt in Mortal Kombat 11. within the recreation. If you wish to get some hearts there are a couple of ways in which you are able to do it. You possibly can both go to our Mortal Kombat 11 farming information to study extra about tips on how to rapidly get hold of them. You can even carry out some fatalities or Brutalities, so learn how in our Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities or Mortal Kombat 11 brutalities guides.