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ᐉ Marvel Future Fight Is Bringing 4 Fully Original Characters To The Game

noviembre 16, 2022

Marvel Future Fight developers Netmarble have announced they will be adding 4 new superheroes to the game. They will not be character’s you are going to have heard of even though, this new group named the ‘Warriors of the Sky’ is created up of completely original characters created exclusively for the game.

This is not the 1st time Netmarble have ventured down this route either. Luna Snow, Crescent and Io have been also original characters when they created their way into the game. It appears a strange decision when Marvel is not precisely quick of heroes to draw from, even though at this point I suppose most of the significant hitters are currently in the game anyway.

Every character will, of course, have their personal superpowers and backstories for players to uncover. Firstly we have War Tiger. He is a significant dude who wields a mystical weapon recognized as the Tiger Fang. He hails from Thailand and brings immense energy and a wealth of combat knowledge to the group.

ᐉ Marvel Future Fight Is Bringing 4 Fully Original Characters To The Game

Blue Dragon is of Vietnamese descent and she wields a spear and a whip. She also has the capacity to turn something she touches into a draconic weapon, which sounds fairly handy if she ever takes place to misplace her personal. Meanwhile, Sun Bird requires on the help part in the group. He’s also a Malaysian pirate from the 1600s who’s been reborn, which is a fairly cool backstory in my opinion.

Ultimately, we have Shadow Shell. Initially from Taiwan, she’ll defend her teammates from a distance applying a futuristic rifle and Ba Gua Power Shield. Her adopted loved ones after attempted to kill her with poison but for some explanation, that gave her toxic immunity, so that did not perform out as well nicely for them.

Marvel Future fight is out there now on the App Shop and Google Play. It is a absolutely free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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