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ᐉ Looping Puzzle Game – Indie Game Launchpad ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Develop colourful animated loops in this relaxing and straightforward-to-understand puzzle game. Tap a tile to make it rotate and make confident that all tiles with each other build a seamless looping animated flow. The sides of every single tile should really match the looping animation of all neighbouring tiles to obtain a excellent flow. There should really be no loose ends. Hold rotating the pieces to connect all the lines, generating a closed shape pattern with a looping animation. Watch the shape come magically alive when all animations connect to every single other.

There is no (time) stress, move limit or score threshold in these puzzle games, just loosen up and make points looping!

In case you get stuck solving the puzzle, subtle hints are offered.

Take pleasure in fifty levels with an rising grid size, difficult your patience and perception. Levels are randomly generated every single time a new game is began, offering an endless quantity of exceptional puzzles.