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ᐉ I’m So Mad – Let’s Play YIIK – 3 – Indie Hell Zone ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Regrettably, I’m again to enjoying YIIK: A Postmodern RPG. On this half we’re arbitrarily stage gated from progressing the story. Which makes you surprise: hey, you fought a complete bunch of battles, why haven’t you leveled up but? Properly, the reply is that YIIK determined to go for a novel means of leveling up.

Vella – the one major character that I don’t hate in any means, thus far – introduces our boys to the Thoughts Dungeon to get swole, and it’s maybe one of many worst design selections I’ve ever encountered in a recreation. You realize, some folks say that Ultimate Fantasy II is a foul recreation as a result of its thought of leveling up stats appeared nonsensical, however YIIK simply doesn’t respect your time.

You need to go to 1 particular place to stage up something and whereas it’s simply accessible at save factors, having or not it’s in a separate place is nonsense within the first place. Then there’s the truth that to allocate factors, you must individually go into doorways, select the stat you need after which return in a second time to lock the selection in. In fact, it can save you time by speaking to the crow, however which means he will get to decide on what stats you get, so when you’ve got a particular construct in thoughts, nicely, robust luck.

Why not simply… i don’t know… stage up after battles? Have a stat allocation display that isn’t arbitrarily tied to a complete totally different location? Actually, why not simply have regular stat allocation screens, as a result of I’m sorry to backseat recreation developer, however I’m fairly certain simply having a display pop up after leveling up in a standard means or accessing it by a menu is means much less work than setting up a complete separate location within the recreation.

As quickly as I get to the Thoughts Dungeon, simply skip to 21:00 and revel in some good music for a bit. I’ll most likely simply reduce out future Thoughts Dungeon visits sooner or later and present stat adjustments afterward.

God. I’m sincerely baffled that anybody on the group thought this was a good suggestion.

Anyway, we additionally do another minor stuff and at last proceed with the plot, by which Alex says some extra questionable shit. Perish. We’ll try Wind City subsequent time.

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