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How To Sail To Other Islands ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

The first island you find yourself on in The Survivalists won’t be the last. There are many others that you could visit. Here’s our mini-guide on how to sail to other islands in the game.

Note: For more information, visit our guides and features hub for The Survivalists.

The first thing you might want if you want to sail to other islands in The Survivalists is the Spyglass. It’s a reward if you manage to complete your first task for the Mysterious Stranger.

When the Spyglass is selected, hold the “use” button and move your cursor in any direction. As long as your view isn’t blocked, the horizon will be revealed on the map. It definitely helps so you know you’re not sailing off to the middle of nowhere. You could even use the Spyglass while you’re on your raft.

Note: Since I mentioned the Mysterious Stranger, go purchase the Mysterious Chest as well. You won’t regret it.

Srvl raft 1

What’s that you ask? Oh, the raft. Yes, that’s what you need to build in The Survivalists so you can head to other landmasses and biomes. The raft is created via Blueprint Mode (6x wooden rod and 3x rope). You do need to be near the shoreline to place the raft’s blueprint. Likewise, you need the makeshift sail (3x fur clump, 3x palm leaf, and 3x rope). It’s created via the Crafting Bench.

Note: For more information about other materials and items, check out our crafting guide.

Sailing tips and controls

Anyway, place the makeshift sail on the raft and you’ve got yourself a boat. To control it, simply press “A” or “D” to rotate the sail. Press “F” to cancel “sailing mode” if you need to eat something, check the map, or use the Spyglass.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Try to have as many monkeys as you can. As noted in our monkey management guide, micromanagement can be a nuisance. Some might even be unable to get on the raft because they’re moving all over the place.
  • Several monkeys should be carrying chests, including one with the Mysterious Chest which has a whopping 36 inventory slots. This is to ensure that you’ve got all your materials with you in case you’re building a new home base.
  • Other monkeys should have weapons equipped. This is so they attack hostile mobs like sharks or zombies when they’re milling around your raft.
  • Bring a lot of cooked food or ingredients with you. You don’t want to go hungry while island hopping.
  • You should consider looking for volcanic biomes. These are great sources of metal ingots, gold ingots, and gems.

The Survivalists is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.