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Hell’s Highway ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Some Easter eggs and secrets are not truly that difficult to discover. In some cases they are even connected to achievements or trophies in-game, producing them quite uncomplicated to find. But some secrets are a great deal tougher to discover and honestly make me wonder how any individual ever finds these items.

The Easter Egg Hunter and Oddheader, two YouTubers who really likevideo game secrets, collaborated to place with each other a current video that showcases some seriously properly hidden and difficult to discover Easter eggs.

A single of my preferred discoveries they showcased in the video is a hidden weapon identified in Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway. The secret gun is truly not a gun, but a cat that shoots laser or plasma orbs. Getting this Easter egg is not uncomplicated and includes shooting precise spots of a level in a specific order. None of these spots are marked and there is no indication that you are hitting them properly.

How any individual identified this is beyond me. It tends to make me want to load up some old games and shoot anything about me in distinctive patterns. Who knows, possibly buried in some old shooter from the early 2000s is a hidden dog that shoots fire?