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Gladius – Fortification Pack Overview ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

The people more than at Games Workshop are no strangers to lending out the Warhammer 40,000 license to passionate developers. This can be each a blessing and a curse, as the franchise has taken a lot of dangers more than the years, and not all of them have paid off. Proxy Studios’ Warhammer 40,000: Gladius, even so, is one particular of the uncommon titles that faithfully adapts the wargaming giant to the TBS format whilst nevertheless becoming accessible to extra casual audiences.

Due to the game’s growing reputation, the developers have been steadily drip-feeding loyal players with a series of expansions meant to hold a number of playthroughs as fresh as the tabletop version of the game. The most up-to-date of these is dubbed the Fortification Pack, which options a half-dozen new defensive units meant to expand your tactical possibilities for the duration of these planetwide conflicts.

Is The Fortification Pack Worth A Pick?

The pack comprises of one particular new unit per faction, with most of these becoming gigantic weapons of war, although the Orks and Tyranids add extra versatile options to their arsenal. Essentially, Space Marines get Aquila Macro-Cannons (meant to fire ridiculously huge shells more than extended distances), the Astra Militarum get Void Shield Generators (which defend specific locations of the battlefield), Chaos Space Marines get Noctilith Crowns (reality-altering constructions that attack and defend as psychic resonators), Necrons get Gauss Pylons (specialized turrets with devastating effects on cars and infantry), Orks get Massive Meks (an enhanced mech-suit wearing Mek unit with a cult-like following) and Tyranids get Biovores (living clusters of deadly spore-primarily based bombs).

Considering that we’re only covering the Fortification Pack, there’s no want to go into as well considerably detail about the primary game, but here’s a short rundown. Most campaigns will play out roughly the similar way as you pick a faction and start your expansion on the perilous planet of Gladius. Right here, you will establish a city and compete for sources against bloodthirsty opponents in an ever-escalating quest for energy, managing extra and extra settlements till you amass a sizable military force. No matter which faction you pick, most playthroughs will demand fairly a bit of study, exploration and resource management just before you can get your hands on these new specialized units. As soon as they do lastly show up, even so, these sophisticated tools of war can make a massive distinction for the duration of your battle for supremacy on this cursed planet.

Is The Fortification Pack Worth A Pick?

Nonetheless, these new units are not invincible, and the expansion feels incredibly properly balanced when compared to the rest of the game. Some of the new additions demand extra technique than other individuals to be powerful, but as a complete, this seemingly basic bit of DLC has a lot to give returning players. Of course, you will want to have bought some of the prior Gladius DLC in order to appreciate this pack, although I’d propose obtaining it all as a discounted bundle.


Though $five appears like a fairly fair cost, I comprehend that some of you may well discover it difficult to justify the obtain of a couple of new defensive units in an currently gigantic game, but the expansion will appeal extra to these that inherited the gather ‘em all instinct from the tabletop Warhammer games and want as quite a few possibilities as attainable. It could possibly not be revolutionary, or even essential, but the Fortification Pack is however a further excellent addition to Warhammer 40,000: Gladius.

Very goodvsTerrible

  • New Units are enjoyable to use and really make a distinction
  • Wonderful 3D models and strategic possibilities
  • Much more of a enjoyable bonus rather than a correct expansion