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Getting Started In Teyvat With Early Quests ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Genshin Impact is a very large game with a huge open world and a myriad of systems and mechanics to keep track of. Because of this, starting out can feel very overwhelming. Luckily, the game doles out each new aspect of its mechanics in a slow and steady manner. Starting out in the game is actually not as intimidating as you might first think. Even so, getting a good first step out the door can help ease getting into such a content-rich game. Coming up in our series of Genshin Impact guides, we are going over the beginning of the game all the way until the first major story quest.

In Genshin Impact there is a leveling system called “Adventure Rank.” Said rank is separate from leveling up your character or individual weapons. You can find more information about specific characters in our other Genshin Impact guides which are linked at the end of this one. Adventure Ranks determine what missions you can take on. When you first start the game, all the available missions are there to take on as you see fit. However, the first big story mission for the game cannot be taken until you reach Adventure Rank 10. That means you will have to actively pursue side quests to level up your Adventure Rank before you can proceed. This guide, as well as our other Genshin Impact guides, will help you reach Adventure Rank 10 as quickly and painlessly as possible.

After picking which of the Traveler siblings you will play as, you are dropped into the world of Teyvat. Having been unconscious for an unknown amount of time, you and your traveling partner Paimon begin your journey to find your lost sibling. The beginning of the game is nice and straightforward, so we won’t waste your time going over those very early objectives. This guide officially starts after you and Amber reach the city of Mondstadt and speak to the acting head of the Knights of Favonius, Jean.


On the next page, we begin our first series of quests in Genshin Impact.