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Get $20 Off On Red Dead Redemption two Computer And Get a Bunch of Bonuses for Totally free – Ultragamerz, The greatest Technologies & game news

noviembre 16, 2022

Red Dead two Computer On Sale In Rockstar Game Launcher

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption two was arguably one particular of the greatest games of 2018 thanks to its enormous planet that was filled with content material for players to delight in. The game was loved by every person from critics to gamers but Computer gamers have been incredibly disappointed when it was released that the game would only come out on consoles. Immediately after months of players asking for Red Dead two, Rockstar lastly announced the game for Computer and suitable now customers can pre-order it from the Rockstar Game Launcher.

Red Dead two Particular Editon

Suitable now gamers can choose up the Red Dead Redemption two Particular Edition for $59.99 (Original $79.99.) The Particular Edition options A lot of bonuses such as no cost weapons, money discounts, and considerably much more. You can also get the pre-order bonuses which will give you a bunch of no cost weapons, 50 gold bars, money for story mode, and considerably much more. Gamers that acquire Red Dead two will also get two no cost Rockstar games. The games you can pick are Bully, GTA Vice City, Max Payne three, L.A Noire, and Grand Theft Auto three.

Red Dead 2, Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption two Ultimate Edition

If you truly want to get a enhance in Red Dead Redemption two you can choose up the ultimate edition for $79.99 (Original $99.99) The Ultimate Edition of the game options the exact same bonuses as Red Dead two Particular Edition as nicely as the pre-order bonuses but, you will also get access to aditional weapons for no cost, much more game-play and money boosts/discounts, new outfits, “Bank Robbery” and “Gang Hideout” story missions, and much more.

What About the Steam Version?

If you do not want to download the Rockstar Game Launcher, you will either have to get the game via the Epic Game Retailer or wait till December for the Steam release. Of course, the Steam version will most most likely not get the exact same discounts as the versions obtainable on the Rockstar Game Launcher. Of course, when the Steam version comes out we will also get modding so, if you are into that you may well want to wait till the Steam release.

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Red Dead 2, Red Dead Redemption

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