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noviembre 16, 2022

Christmas is coming, and with it, the end of the year. Surely most of us already have the Christmas tree, as well as other decorative elements in our house. However, one of the things that we always forget to decorate is usually the computer. And it’s probably where we spend the most time, especially if we work from home or depend on it for other tasks. Therefore, we are going to recommend several ways to decorate the PC for this Christmas season, both our Windows desktop and the desktop where we work with the PC.

Christmas themes, backgrounds and sounds

The first of the ways we have to decorate the computer, and the fastest and easiest, is through the many Windows wallpapers, themes and other customization elements . For this we do not need to spend any money or download any program from the Internet. It is enough to locate the wallpaper that we like the most and change it on our PC. The same happens with the themes, and it is that in the Microsoft Store itself we can find a good variety of Christmas themes that we can configure in Windows, automatically changing the background, color and other aspects of the system. If we want, we can also decorate other Windows programs, such as the browser, to give it that Christmas touch that we want.

Everything that comes to mind we can change. For example, we will also be able to search for Christmas sounds to configure in Windows, or resort to one of the many Spotify playlists that will allow us to listen to all kinds of Christmas carols. Believe it or not, there is life far beyond popular Christmas carols.

Even sure we already have programs that have been ahead of us and have applied their own Christmas configuration. And a clear example of this is the VLC player.

In the case of VLC, the Christmas decoration only applies to the icon, and after these dates it will automatically show the original again.

Decorate your Windows 10 desktop with these programs and gadgets

The truth is that it is curious how, with the large number of gadgets and programs to personalize our PC, there is so little variety when it comes to personalizing our PC at Christmas. But, although the list of options is not too extensive, there are options. And the best can be found on the Get-Xmas website .

Christmas Trees for Windows

The first thing, as expected, are the Christmas trees that we will be able to place on the Windows desktop. In the previous website we will find a good variety of them so that we can choose the one we like the most. For example, normal trees, with lights, with gifts, made of paper and even in the shape of a logic board. All of them, of course, totally free.

We can download and open as many as we want at the same time, without problem, as if we want to fill our entire desktop with Christmas trees. Of course, the important thing is that it is modest and that we feel comfortable.

Snowballs with countdown to Christmas

Something typical on these dates are also snowballs, those crystal balls inside which it snows when we shake them. This website also allows us to download a good variety of them, from normal balls to balls with a countdown with the days until Christmas. We can even find them dynamic, whose content varies according to the time of day.

Lights and garlands

The lights are another aspect that could not be missing when decorating the PC. This website is going to offer us different types of lights and garlands that will be placed around the Windows desktop. For example, we can find a series of lights, which will be placed at the top of the screen (as if hanging from it), as well as a series of garlands to decorate the Windows 10 taskbar.

Finally, we can also set up our own Christmas fireplace on the PC to be able to feel the heat while we are working sitting in front of the computer.

Other Christmas decorations

In addition to the above, the developer of these gadgets also offers us other tools that allow us to decorate the PC. For example, we can add a snow effect to the desktop so that it snows in the background while we work with the PC, or add a trace of nine to the mouse so that it leaves it while we move it.

We can also download different animated backgrounds for Windows that let us see what Christmas is like in Prague, New York and in a village.

Accessories to decorate the workspace

It is equally important to have a good decoration of our desk as well as the workspace. It is more than proven that a pleasant and well-kept workspace can greatly improve productivity, much more than a cold environment.

Nor is it a plan to fill everything with lights and toys that move, because in the end it will achieve the opposite effect to the desired one. However, if we want to liven up our workspace a bit, we will be able to resort to some of the following objects that we can buy, without going any further, on Amazon.

The first of them, of course, are going to be LED lights . Just as our Christmas tree will have its corresponding lights, we recommend the following string of USB lights so that we can place them around the tower, or above the monitor. We can also use them to decorate some of the figurines that, surely, we have around the team.

And why not an LED tree to put next to the monitor? This spruce by USB with acrylic finish will allow us to assemble our own Christmas tree next to the computer, quickly, easily and without mess. When Christmas is over, you just have to unplug it, put it in the box and see you next year.

Of course, we can also use the typical Christmas figurines to place around our computer. Why not put a Playmobil nativity scene ? It is funny and original.