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ᐉ Future 2 – Learn How To Beat Pagouri, The Menagerie’s New Boss ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Pagouri? Extra like Pago-home.

One other week, one other mini content material drop for Future 2’s Season of Opulence. We’ve already seen the previous bosses within the Menagerie equivalent to Hasapiko and Arunak. This time round, we’ve acquired the third and (presumably), last boss, earlier than heroic mode arrives. Pagouri, a Vex hydra, is an absolute pushover — and so we’re right here that can assist you push that fella round to finish the Menagerie exercise this week.

Werner Bothers

First issues first, let’s pay Werner 99-40 a go to on the Nessus barge. Clearly, he’s not tied to no matter it’s good to do on the Menagerie, however each Future 2 weekly reset will in all probability lead you again to his open arms anyway.

Werner’s weekly bounties are:

  • Trial by Wits – Full eight Gambit every day bounties. This additionally contains the Gambit Prime bounties (those that offer you Reckoning motes).
  • Imperial Salute – Defeat 100 enemies utilizing skills (supers and grenades are included).
  • Spoils of Struggle – Acquire Misplaced Treasure by defeating enemies. Misplaced treasures are only a random quest merchandise drop that goes on to your character. These have a 10-20 % drop probability. The extra enemies are round, the extra you’ll be able to kill — which means the extra you’d be getting these to drop. Sadly, it’s good to gather 350 of those which is able to take a variety of time.
  • Imperial Bestiary – Defeat 40 enemies from every race in Future 2. This implies 40 Fallen, Vex, Hive, Cabal, Taken, and Scorn.

When you’ve got some accomplished Gambit bounties already, you’ll be able to simply get the Trial of Wits bounty carried out. The remaining could be obtained, funnily sufficient, by enjoying Gambit (because of the varied enemy races in Future 2). In any other case, simply do some public occasions, misplaced sectors, or strikes.

In my case, I did one Menagerie run and I used to be in a position to full the Imperial Salute bounty and the Vex and Hive tallies for Imperial Bestiary. Solely the Spoils of Struggle bounty will take you some time because of the variety of drops it’s good to grind for.

Menagerie Boss: Pagouri

Shifting on, let’s discuss in regards to the new Menagerie boss: Pagouri. Whenever you fly into the exercise, you’ll discover that you simply’ve acquired photo voltaic burn lively. Hurray! You possibly can fortunately carry out your Ikelos SG, Avalanche, and One Thousand Voices once more! Oh, and Titans with Peregrine Greaves, simply take to the air and melting level all the pieces you see, you punchy bois.

The boss struggle takes place within the Menagerie’s space the place you often do the Mockery and Arkborn encounters. It’s additionally the start line of Future 2’s Crown of Sorrow raid. You’ll spot an enormous forcefield simply floating within the heart. Begin the encounter and Pagouri will say whats up for a couple of seconds. Then, it’s going to cover behind its protect.

To make Pagouri come out of its forcefield, you’ll want to face on the Vex plate on the heart. It’s going to blast you with cannons and extra mobs shall be spawning as properly. Fortunately, it’s photo voltaic burn this week so these hydra cannons and minotaur pictures don’t hit as exhausting.

As soon as Pagouri flies out to the middle of the sector and engages you, simply wail away on it with all the pieces you might have. Beware, since it’s going to summon suicide harpies very similar to its cousin Argos — the Future 2 raid lair boss from Eater of Worlds.

Hail Hydra?

Ultimately, Pagouri will disengage and retreat again to its forcefield. There shall be two new Vex plates to the left and proper facet of the realm. Cut up up into two groups to activate these plates and drive Pagouri to pop up once more. Proceed damaging it as soon as it’s out of its forcefield.

It’s going to repeat the identical sample as earlier than. For the third section, nevertheless, there shall be three plates to activate.

Pagouri’s hidden triumph: That is fairly easy. Defeat it whereas letting it teleport to every plate/space solely as soon as all through the encounter. My staff of Future 2 LFG randoms didn’t even know what had occurred and we ended up getting it.

Apparently, the best way it really works is that Pagouri will teleport to the facet of the sector that activated a plate final. The primary section may have you activating the middle plate solely in order that’s the place Pagouri would go. For the second section (two plates), activate the left facet plate final to make Pagouri spawn there. For the third section (three plates), activate the proper facet plate final and Pagouri will teleport there. Destroy it and revel in your free Imperials!

Oh, and talking of additional Imperials, don’t overlook that the Menagerie chest farm/cheese continues to be working. Future 2 simply wouldn’t be the identical with out an present cheese. Simply run by means of the doorway behind the chest and loop across the hallway. You’ll be at a brand new zone so simply run again to the chest, use some runes to your Chalice of Opulence, and get your loot. Hopefully, you’ll get some additional Imperials too. In case you’re trying to get a particular drop, check out our full Menagerie information for the Chalice of Opulence rune mixtures.

That does it for this week’s Menagerie boss struggle in Future 2. Pagouri went “pago-home.” For extra guides and options associated to Future 2 and the Season of Opulence, try our hub. Don’t overlook: Menagerie heroic mode shall be popping out subsequent week. It gained’t have matchmaking enabled, so be certain that to grasp every encounter and convey a couple of associates alongside.