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Field Analysis Rewards And Shinies ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

The Pokémon Go Planet Tourism Day occasion has begun, which signifies not only are new Shiny Pokémon popping up for fortunate players, but there are specialized Field Investigation Tasks to full till Oct. 1 at four p.m. ET.

This occasion options Shiny Seviper, Zangoose, and Mime Jr. Note that these Pokémon are nevertheless regional. Seviper is accessible in North America, South America, and Africa, when Zangoose is accessible in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Mime Jr. only hatches from eggs and is accessible in Europe.

Zangoose, Seviper, and Mime. Jr stand next to their Shiny forms in Pokémon Go

Niantic by way of Polygon

Nonetheless, it appears that Seviper and Zangoose each are capable to be obtained via some of this event’s Field Investigation Tasks. Verify out the list of tasks beneath.

Pokémon Go Planet Tourism Day 2019 Field Investigation Tasks

ActivityRewardActivityRewardPlanet Tourism Day: Trade Pokémon caught 10,000 KM apartZangoose encounter (North America, South America, and Africa) OR Seviper encounter (Europe, Asia, and Australia)Planet Tourism Day: Make a new buddyNosepass encounterPlanet Tourism Day: Send 25 gifts to close friendsLapras encounter

That becoming mentioned, it is going to take a lot of trading and luck to attempt to get a Shiny Seviper or Zangoose, if they’re not neighborhood to your area. Seviper and Zangoose are each migratory Pokémon, but they have not switched areas because Jan. 2018.

It is unknown if the Shiny price is greater if you get these Pokémon via Field Investigation. Whilst older events utilized to have improved Shiny prices on featured Pokémon, the final handful of events have had the Shiny price on featured Pokémon set at the typical a single in 450 price, with the exception of some random Pokémon, like Sneasel and Gligar. The Shiny price on Zangoose and Seviper will most likely stay unknown till the finish of the occasion.

Trade expense has been reduce down to 25% the usual quantity and PokéStops are also rewarding far more XP per spin all through the occasion.