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noviembre 16, 2022

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It is with great excitement (and nerves) that I announce Cuirass Entertainment’s new game.

End’s Reach has been a labour of love and a true test of my mettle over the last 6 months. This is a Quarantine project turned full-scale video game, and it feels amazing to finally show off where all my time has gone.

Since this is the first anyone’s seen of the game – I’ll give a bit of a run down on what it is, and where my team currently stands in development.

What is ‘End’s Reach’?

End’s Reach is my love letter back to the games that brought me into this industry. It is an action-adventure platformer, with combos, magic, parrying, and item-based puzzles and exploration. It’s part Metroidvania, part 3D Zelda, and a bunch of other cool stuff we’ve tossed in to make it our own. My team set out to build a game rich with atmosphere and mystery, a sombre and exciting experience in which the story unfolds through player interaction with the world around them. We wanted to tell a new type of story within the constraints of having a two member core team, and we’re almost there.

What’s the plot?

Our story begins in an unknown, foreign place – lost in the depths of space. Your suit’s systems are all out of whack. You don’t know where you are, or how you got there, but you have this burning sensation in your mind. A memory of a person you’re supposed to find – someone you’ve been following for a long time.

The game features 3D platforming in large open environments, and you’ll be exploring a mysterious world built from the remnants of planets trapped in the orbit of what appears to be a Black Hole. As you wander through these ruined worlds, you’ll discover hidden relics of their past, and ultimately uncover the secret of their collective demise.

And the combat?

The combat in End’s Reach is simple, but designed to get more challenging as the player gains power. We have an elemental weapon system rich with combo attacks, counters, and magical attacks. Enemies will shift in combat using our Armor System, forcing the player to think creatively with their weapons. We think of our enemies as live-action puzzles.

What’s next?

My team has a lot more to show off, and we’re excited to do so – but that would be getting ahead of ourselves. The game is currently in a Pre-Alpha state, and will probably be in such a state for quite a while longer while we finalize everything about how we want the game to play.

If you liked what you saw here today, the best thing you can do for my team and I is to follow along in our development, give us your feedback, and stick around for the journey. Making a game of this magnitude is one of my fondest dreams – and having people play and enjoy it is my greatest.

Thanks for sticking around to read all this, Cheers.

– CJ
Creative Director
Cuirass Entertainment Ltd.