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ᐉ Dragon Rider Release! News

noviembre 16, 2022

In this post we cover the release of Dragon Rider, what lead up to it and what will come subsequent!

DragonRider Header

Face off against demons, gargoyles, golems and foes alike,

in this speedy paced, action packed fantasy shooter that will take you to one more globe,

on the back of a DRAGON!

Dragon Rider v0.1



Dragon Rider is a little project we decided to make and supply to the neighborhood for Totally free, the game makes use of several assets offered by Procedural Worlds and shows off usage of their assets as nicely as other custom systems.

In the close to future we will also supply absolutely free tutorials on how we accomplished generating the setup and game, they should really give you a superior notion of how we went about generating the game and how you can implement Procedural Worlds assets into your personal project!

You can checkout existing tutorials Right here.

Improvement | Atmosphere

Dragon Demo Gaia CTS 2

The initially step we decided to take with the project was to make the gameplay atmosphere but interestingly adequate, a volcano was not the initial style. We basically planned to go with a thick forest that the player would fly by means of and fight off enemies, incoming projectiles, and so forth. but we also wanted to maintain in thoughts functionality.

As a result the notion for the volcano level was born and from there, new additions to mechanics for enemies and gameplay functions.

Dragon Demo Gaia CTS 14

Becoming capable to make use of extremely versatile terrain creation tools as nicely as way-point managers, sky systems and other cool editor extensions, level style moved along immediately and in the finish we had been quiet satisfied with the outcome.

Improvement | Mechanics

Producing a game that is not only exciting to the player but also refreshing at the very same time is not constantly as simple as some people today could feel it to be. However providing a handful of one of a kind mechanics and difficult gameplay can make all the distinction, so we kept this in thoughts when laying out gameplay mechanics and functions.

I’ve basically played a ton of on-rail shooters and I’ve come across quite handful of that supply the very same practical experience as Dragon Rider, there are of course a handful of right here and there that play to the part of riding on a dragon and fighting off waves but absolutely nothing that has ever stuck in my thoughts.

I actually wanted to make a thing that people today would at least recall and I imply, come on, who would not want to ride on a dragon? I absolutely would!

Game Screenie 2

Creating the mechanics for a project like this demands some level of organizing as not only does the player interact with objects in the globe but the globe interacts with the player independently.

This would imply enemy mechanics, volcano projectiles which can hurt the player, player attacking enemies, pickups and so on, major to an inevitable hierarchy of what interacts with what. So in common it really is superior to map this stuff out a head of time as it actually aids with maintaining the flow of improvement move along smoothly.

A single large benefit of generating custom systems for your game is how versatile you can make them, in this instance i produced one particular enemy AI script that handled all the several actions and enemy interactions for diverse sorts of enemies. Implementing user possibilities and reactions to these possibilities I was capable to make a thing that I would immediately pop onto an enemy, set the values and away it goes.

Game Screenie 3

Producing versatile systems are constantly a plus and can enhance improvement time exponentially, a thing i extremely advocate to any inspiring devs., working with this process I moved ahead with the rest of the game, so without having getting also repetitive i will say that when the systems had been produced and in location items moved along smoothly.

Improvement | Alpha

Prior to the release of the game we went although a handful of stages of alpha testing, generating positive all the bugs and kinks had been worked out, in order to supply a fluid and enjoyable practical experience.

A excellent issue about alpha testing is that you can supply one particular create to a lot of testers and based on their device or computer system create, get back a lot of diverse benefits. Some people today encountering a bug though other folks do not, debug logs show differently, functionality, and so forth. but in the finish all the information was quite useful in placing on these final touches.

Game Screenie 13

I feel we can all say we are grateful for alpha testers and the contribution they make in taking the time to test what could possibly be a broken item :p getting an ex-game tester myself, i know it really is now constantly an simple activity to test the very same game more than and more than. Thanks once again to all the alpha testers!

Improvement | Release

Following operating on this project for a lot of months, the game is lastly release and is completely Totally free to play!

Dragon Rider v0.1

Functioning on this game has been an intriguing ride and I can honestly say I am superior for it, I thought of myself an decent programmer prior to this but soon after finishing this project I’ve taken items to a complete new level.

Hopefully we can all find out a lot from generating our projects, as interests turn to passion and passion turns to creation. There is constantly much more to find out but I never ever let that get me down, the much more you find out, the much more you can achieve and with that in thoughts, the sky is the limit.

If you have study this far, thanks a lot for taking the time and we actually hope you delight in the game. Really feel absolutely free to leave us feedback on the game, thoughts on items that could be added or any challenges you could encounter though playing.

Thank once again!

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