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ᐉ Detective Jackie: Mystic Case

noviembre 16, 2022

Old Skull Games, the studio behind the Amber’s Airline series, is back with a new title in the Gamehouse Original Stories lineup – Detective Jackie: Mystic Case. Following Jackie Johnson lost her daughter in a fire incident, she dedicates her detective profession to solving children’s murders. Can you resolve a new head-scratching case that entails a missing girl and a mysterious painting recognized as Medusa’s Vanity?

Detective Jackie: Mystic Case

My 1st query upon seeing this title was how Gamehouse is going to make this new detective-themed Time Management brand a separate entity from Parker and Lane, an additional investigative game in their portfolio. That query was answered soon after only a handful of levels into the game. Although each series select to concentrate on true-life crimes, Detective Jackie: Mystic Case’s ominous overtone is much more prominent and its storyline surrounding a cursed artifact provides it a layer of mystical qualities.

Compared to Parker and Lane, Detective Jackie: Mystic Case is also a much better crafted, much more cohesive game. The Time Management gameplay is standard of a Gamehouse game but has adequate thoughtful, inventive tasks and interactions to remain fresh and entertaining. I also like how the majority of every level is focused on purely serving prospects, with distracting pop-up mini-games shoved to the sides. Nonetheless, these pop-up mini-games are nevertheless an integral element of the levels as they are prompted anytime you attain a star purpose. This setup permits the queued tasks to flow with minimal disruptions as nicely as let the mini-games themselves to shine.

Detective Jackie: Mystic Case

There is a great likelihood that HOPA fans will also love Detective Jackie: Mystic Case. The suspenseful detective storyline entails captivating storytelling by means of interactive character conversations, interrogation scenes, and in-level proof-discovering sequences. There is also a hefty portion committed to Detective Jackie’s background story, which adds fascinating context to her character.

No matter if you play the game on a mobile device, a tablet or on Computer, Detective Jackie: Mystic Case’s sharp visuals are impressive either way. And while the inclusion of voice-overs would have produced the game even much more engrossing, the game is currently incredibly engaging as it is thanks to the amazing gameplay. Detective Jackie: Mystic Case comes with 60 levels, so there is a lot of content material for you to love.

Detective Jackie: Mystic Case

Detective Jackie: Mystic Case smartly combines the thrills of a great mystery with the addicting nature of a nicely-layered Time Management game.

At the moment, Detective Jackie: Mystic Case is only readily available for iPhone and iPad. Computer version is coming quickly!