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ᐉ Deadly Premonition Two Apparently Not Coming To Computer ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

The largest gaming surprise of 2019 has certainly been the announcement of Deadly Premonition two: A Blessing In Disguise, a sequel to one particular of the most beloved and reviled and wonky and bestest most effective games. I adore Deadly Premonition. I can hardly think publishers are funding a sequel. The announcement came final week throughout a Nintendo Direct presentation and only a pointed out a release on Switch, so I’ve been nudging PR men and women for an answer to the query which justifies an RPS post: a Computer release?

“No other platforms. Coming to Switch in 2020!” a rep tells me. Oh. Properly. Oh.

You, an avid Deadly Premonition fan, are doubtless asking yourself how a sequel can come just after the ending of the initially game (which options some of my favourite revelations in video game storytelling history). Properly! Deadly Premonition two is set in New Orleans 2005, starring Francis York Morgan prior to the events of the initially game, as effectively as just after it in 2019 with a diverse protagonist. 1 set of murders, two FBI agents, an investigation across 14 years, a complete lot much more open-planet survival horror antics. Or so trailers recommend.

I do like York’s 2005 haircut. He “used to dress like a hardcore punk rocker” in higher college, keep in mind, and this is closer to that time. I am thus delighted to also see him skateboarding in the Japanese reduce of this trailer.

I am sad to believe that we will not get to eavesdrop on York speaking with his imaginary pal Zach about seeing Tony Hawk spin a 900 at the 1999 X-Games, or going on about the revolutionary style of the Z-Boys. Oh god I’m writing fanfic are not I.

For why I adore Deadly Premonition so, I refer you to Adam and me declaring it one particular of the most effective Computer games, Adam’s Deadly Premonition evaluation, and my usual imploration that you acquire it when it is on sale.

I do not know if I want a sequel. I do not know if it’ll muddle my memories of a game I adore (which are currently muddled by how buggy it is on Computer). I believe it demands to do some thing large and bold to be worth risking that. It cannot be retreads and references. But I want to think. And I want it to be on Computer.

“No other platforms,” sez the PR fella. Oh effectively.

Deadly Premonition two is once again written and directed by Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro, even though this time it is becoming created by Toybox rather than Access Games. I clearly am living in hope that “no other platforms” is just a PR line till they can speak about other platforms. They have provided no indication that is the case. It seriously may well just be for Switch. Damn.

At least Computer will be finding The Very good Life, Swery’s upcoming game about an American photojournalist stuck in an English village exactly where spooky murders are afoot (sounds familiar) and every person turns into cats and dogs at evening. That is due in spring 2020.

Nuts to this, I’m outta right here.