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ᐉ Castle Woodwarf Two – Indie Game Launchpad ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

Retain your dragon and city of Woodwarf secure with assistance of dwarven army. Retain on upgrading your dwelling and atmosphere. Use dragon breath or specific things and strategically scorch enemy archers.


-17 cities (levels) out of which there are 15 campaign and 15 challenge modes of playing. Cities 16 is endless waves of enemies and city 17 is a sandbox devoid of enemies incoming.

-three distinctive economy variety dwarves – gatherers, lumberjacks and fisherdwarves

-three army unit forms – tank, archer and a mage (fireball and heal)

-7 dragon upgrades

-25 unique enemy forms like ranged units, flying units and ghosts that destroy arrows and five unique boss enemies

-7 unique dwarf residence forms from tent to castle

-Gem shop for enhancing the trees, fish and vegetable or shopping for expendable specific things: bombs, freeze bombs, additional gold, additional life, freeze all enemies, carpet bombing