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ᐉ Borderlands Three The Flood

noviembre 16, 2022

Borderlands 3 The Flood - How to Get the Legendary Pistol?

Borderlands three is brimming with weapons, some much more insane and legendary than other folks, but the suggests of getting some like The Flood are not generally clear.

Here’s anything we know about hot to get the legendary Jakobs-created pistol named The Flood in Borderlands three.

Borderlands 3 The Flood - How to Get the Legendary Pistol?

The Flood is 1 of many legendary pistols you can uncover and wield in Borderlands three. Sadly, there is no fixed supply to acquire it from, which means you will have to hope the RNG is on your side with planet drops.

Definitely, playing on Correct Vault Hunter mode, activating Mayhem mode and hunting higher-worth targets will enhance the likelihood of legendary weapons, and by extension The Flood, dropping.

A Jakobs-created gun, you’d anticipate it to excel thanks to its sheer firepower. Whilst that is accurate, to some extent, this gun comes with a twist.

Like all other legendary guns in Borderlands three, The Flood has a unique trait. Its name, “Take us.”, does not reveal considerably by itself, but that only lasts till firing the weapon. And, offered how there is no shortage of stuff to shoot across the game’s many planets, you will uncover out what sets it apart quickly sufficient.

The Flood’s trait turns it into a completely automatic weapon, naturally rising its fire price in the procedure. Whilst this does come with downsides, like decreased accuracy and harm, you will not overlook for a minute that you happen to be firing a Jakobs gun.

If you take place to currently be the owner of The Flood in Borderlands three, there are numerous other guns to go right after. Verify out our guides on Breath of the Dying, Monocle, and Creeping Death.

Borderlands three is out now on Computer, Xbox A single and PS4.