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ᐉ Borderlands Three Guts Of Carnivora Red Chests

noviembre 16, 2022

Borderlands 3 Guts of Carnivora Red Chests - Locations Guide

Borderlands three showers you with loot, but there can in no way be sufficient. Red Chests are, as a result, one particular of your greatest bets at having excellent item rolls, or even Legendaries, if you happen to be fortunate. We’ll attempt to cover as numerous areas as doable, but initial, right here comes Guts of Carnivora.

Guts of Carnivora Red Chests are, as the name may well recommend, positioned in the inner chassis of the enormous Carnivora car. This implies trudging via the labyrinthine structures you are going to obtain inside, which can get rather confusing seriously swiftly. Under, you are going to obtain maps and explanations on how to swiftly get to Red Chests alternatively.

Borderlands 3 Guts of Carnivora Red Chests - Locations GuideBorderlands 3 Guts of Carnivora Red Chests - Locations Guide

1st Red Chest is hidden in the extended area with cyclical machinery, and you are going to have to go all the way to the topmost structure to obtain it. Retain climbing up till you see a extended bridge with flame gushers heating the structure from the ceiling. Just just before them, you are going to see a robust gust of air shooting up from the broken ventilation program. Just jump on major of the gust and it’ll carry you to the initial Red Chest.

2nd Red Chest can be discovered just just before the elevator major you to the Carnivora boss fight, The Agonizer. Just before going via the elevator, go left and jump more than the chasm. Retain pushing forward via waves of enemies and sooner or later, you are going to attain the coveted Red Chest.

We hope these chests will drop a legendary item or two for you. As an instance of some of the neat stuff you could get, verify out our articles on The Flood, The Monocle, and Breath of the Dying, every of which is a random drop from any loot supply.