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ᐉ Best Dog Beds 2019

noviembre 16, 2022

IT’S NO SECRET that our bed is the most important piece of furniture in our homes: we spend hours testing out the right mattresses, researching bed frames and purchasing the optimum number of pillows to make falling asleep a total dream.

Of course, we’re just as invested in where our beloved dogs are going to sleep.

 The best dog beds feel amazing for your precious pooch - and they look great, too


Dog beds need to be spacious and comfortable for your dog – as well as appealing to look at.

Lots of us let our pups sleep in the best rooms of the house, so you want a dog bed that you like the look of since it’s likely to be in your kitchen, sitting room or even bedroom (or perhaps you’ve got a dog bed in all of the above?).

Just like memory foam mattresses have become a hit with humans, dog memory foam beds are a popular choice, and offer orthopaedic support for older dogs, larger dogs or any hip or backaches – even bestselling brand Casper’s got a doggie version of its memory foam mattress.

As the temperatures drop, you’ll also see dog beds designed to keep your dog protected against the chill: Lidl has recently launched a dog bed that reflects your dog’s body heat back to them to warm them, and also has a cooling side for the warmer months.

Some dogs will always prefer to be in the dog house. These days, dog house beds look like stylish pieces of contemporary furniture – that happen to be cosy spaces for your dog to have sweet dreams.

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1. Best memory foam mattress dog bed

 Casper's memory foam dog mattresses are comfy enough for humans to curl up on - seriously


Casper’s memory foam mattresses regularly come up trumps when it comes to the best bed a human can lie on, and the brand has taken that same engineering savvy and applied it to the dog bed, creating a sleek, stylish and ultra-comfortable bed that combines memory foam with support foam.

The attention to detail is remarkable: not only were doggie sleep patterns studied for 11 months before this bed was created, but the bed is designed with extra fabric at the top to mimic the feel of dogs pawing at the ground, while the curved edges provide that extra sense of security and support. It’s also easy to clean – crucial with a dog’s bed.

‘He obviously loves this bed as he adopts spread out, upside down and curled up in a ball positions throughout his resting periods and this large bed certainly accommodates all positions for him,’ writes a fan.

  • Casper Grey Dog Bed – Medium, for £135 on Argos – buy here

2. Best orthopaedic dog bed

 This dog bed is designed for older pups with stiff joints


Just like our bodies need a little extra TLC as we age, dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia and aching joints need a bed that provides support and stability.

Fans love this plush bed – either for one larger dog or two smaller ones – with fans saying it’s ‘by far the best dog bed I’ve bought’, ‘really great quality’ and ‘wish I had bought one sooner’.

  • (AD) The Dog’s Bed, Premium Orthopaedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Beds, for £89.95 on Amazon – buy here

3. Best winter-warmer dog bed

 This snugly bed is like a sleeping bag for your dog


If you’re not too sure you want to go down the heated bed route and aren’t convinced by thermal beds that work off a dog’s own energy, this ‘Snuggle Sack’ is ideal for dogs who like to burrow and want to get all cuddled up under the covers. Works a treat when the cold snap hits, too.

  • (AD) Collared Creatures Dog Snuggle Bed, Snuggle Sack, Grey (Large 105cm x 90cm), for £75 on Amazon – buy here

4. Best dog house bed

 This pet home is ideal for small dog breeds


Smaller dogs often like to hide away in their own personal dog house, and this stylish resin design with knit pattern has an inner cushion and an upper cushion so your dog can relax inside or out. If you happen to have a cat, they’ll want one, too.

  • (AD) Curver Plastic Bed for Pets, Plastic, light brown, 56.7 x 56.7 cm, for £54.63 on Amazon – buy here

5. Best dog lounger bed

 This striking pet sofa is an eye-catching piece of furniture for your living room


It’s no secret that dogs LOVE sofas. While we do enjoy curling up with our pet pooches on the couch, giving them a lounger of their own – no less one that looks this stylish – will be a hit with them, you and everyone who comes to visit. The quilted design is comfy for medium sized dogs (and cats), and you won’t find any furniture piece better suited to a contemporary, stylish home (if you are in love with this style, you can get adult-sized Kolton chairs and rocking chairs, too – #twinningiswinning).

  • Kolton Medium Pet Sofa, Grey, for £99 on Made – buy here

6. Best all rounder dog bed

 Scruffs is known for pet's bedding in a range of styles and prints


A padded box bed in a smart print and fabric combo (the bed is made from a cosy chenille fabric with faux suede piping), this is a great all rounder style loved by all sorts of dog breeds (it comes in different sizes, from small to XL, to accommodate them).

  • (AD) Scruffs Highland Dog Bed, Medium, 60 x 50 cm, Red, for £26.99 on Amazon – buy here


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