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ᐉ 2K Games Responds To WWE 2K20 Challenges, Patch Due Inside Two Weeks – TheSixthAxis ᐉ New Mobile Gadget

noviembre 16, 2022

WWE 2K20 has a ton of bugs and glitches according to these who have played it. Reports of poor character models, character models just glitching when interacting with every single other or quite a great deal any component of the scenery, music tracks of entrances continuing to play via matches, and characters just appearing to float. It is reported Sony is providing refunds for PS4 players due to the challenges, even though you must verify the refund policy. It does state that refunds are provided if the content material is faulty, even though it may possibly not constantly go via.

Now, 2K Games has responded to the complaints with regards to WWE 2K20 via the official Twitter account.

In the statement, 2K has stated it is investigating all of the issues that have been place forward, which shouldn’t be also tough with the quantity of proof becoming shared and will try to address them. Having said that, this going to take time with the firm confirming that a patch may possibly take up to two weeks to be deployed, and that patch will not repair all of the challenges.

Supply: Twitter