Xiaomi 11T Pro review

Rather than go overboard on the lens count, Xiaomi has kept things relatively simple – something you can’t say for many mid-rangers.

There’s no useless depth sensor, for one. There’s no dedicated telephoto either, but the main snapper’s high pixel count means you can at least rely on digital zoom a little more than you can with rival hardware. Push beyond 5x and there’s a big drop off in detail, though.

What you do get is an 8MP ultrawide (a downgrade from the Mi 11’s 13MP sensor) and a 5MP macro lens, complete with autofocus. Wide-angle results are of noticeably lower quality than the main sensor, and both exposure and colour balance aren’t quite as on point. It can capture a lot more of a given scene than the main sensor though, so still has its uses.

The Super Macro mode is unlikely to see as much use as the ultrawide, and doesn’t produce otherworldly images like the microscope lens on Oppo’s Find X3 Pro, but autofocus does let you take some pleasingly clean close-ups with little effort.

The 108MP sensor is the real main event, using pixel-binning to produce impressively detailed images for a mid-range device, even if they lean towards oversharpening at times. Dynamic range is handled well, even in scenes with massive variations in lighting, and colours are accurate for the most part. There’s also a pleasing amount of natural bokeh when shooting portraits, without having to activate the dedicated mode.

Colour accuracy can be hit and miss, sometimes judging a scene perfectly, then occasionally appearing either too vibrant or a little washed-out. The inconsistency can be frustrating, but images generally look pleasing and true-to-life. There’s also no image stabilisation here like you’d find on the Mi 11, meaning steady hands are needed for the sharpest results in low light. Noise creeps in quickly – faster than you’d expect given the pixel count – but enabling the dedicated night mode does much to counteract it.

Overall performance is comfortably on par with most mid-range rivals, but those looking for the top camera at this price will still be best served by the Google Pixel 5.

Xiaomi 11T Pro image gallery

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