Google Pixel 6 preview: Everything we know so far

Google’s budget Pixel 4a models can get away with looking boring because they’re bargains. The Pixel 5 didn’t have the same excuse, and previous Pixels likewise lacked the same level of finesse as some rivals.

Early leaks suggest something bolder for the Pixel 6, however. These concept renders from reliable leakers Front Page Tech and OnLeaks, which were produced based on leaked info, are bold indeed. They show a distinctive red glass segment above the large, horizontal camera model, plus another colour of glass for the larger segment below.

It’s eye-catching in a way that Pixel phones simply haven’t been up ‘til now, which is why it almost seems unlikely at a glance. But given the source, we’re willing to entertain that Google has finally opted for a new approach this time around. We imagine that the big camera module will be divisive, but at least it runs the full width of the back to hopefully avoid wobbles on a flat surface.

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