I think we’ve all learned a bit about what being sedentary for too long can do to the body and mind over this past year and a half — nothing good, that’s what. A little nudge to get up and go is a good lesson and at any age, and that’s exactly what the Garmin Vívofit Jr kids activity tracker was designed for (plus, keeping kids on track with chores and homework but don’t tell them that yet). Right now the slick wearable tech for young folks (and their parents) is down to $40 on Amazon and an all-time-low price (normally $80).

Besides tracking activity and unlocking fun games upon completion, this Garmin connects to an app that enables parents to assign chores and dole out virtual rewards once they are finished or set timers for things like homework, brushing teeth and bedtime. The Vívofit Jr has a one-year battery life and comes in three fun kid-friendly colors at this sale price.

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