Apple’s most important WWDC 2021 announcements

Excuse us while we go and scream into the void about Apple omitting full external display support, even from Thunderbolt-equipped iPad Pros. Ah, that’s better. So what did we get, beyond aforementioned iOS 15 features?

Widgets and App Library finally rock up from iPhone, the former gaining a new large size option and the latter lurking in the Dock. Multitasking controls have evolved from WHAT IS THIS HELL? to a degree of sane.

Elsewhere, Quick Note lets you jot down a thought when you’re using another app, while Notes proper adds tagging and smart folders. The biggest new news, though, must be Swift Playgrounds 4 providing the means to build an app right on your iPad – and then submit it to the App Store. It’s not the ‘Xcode for iPad’ many hoped for, but it’s a start.

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