Let’s talk about some new features to keep you connected to the people you love.
Photos are a great way to relive your favourite moments and most precious memories.
On Apple Watch the photos face is the most popular watch face.
That’s why watch USA is bringing another great way to enjoy your favourite photos with the new Portrait Watch face.
It takes the great portrait photos from your iPhone, and uses the segmentation data to create a multi layered face with depth.
And you can make this watch face your own by adjusting the photos composition and time placement to really make the subject stand out.
This is really great to see live, so let me invite Shandra to show you a demo.
Thanks, Kevin, your photo comes to life when you raise your wrist
And as you scroll the digital crown, you get a view of the dynamic composition that makes this watch this extraordinary.
You’re gonna love how this face keeps you connected when you can’t be face to face.
Speaking of photos, the Photos app itself has been completely redesigned.
It now includes memory highlights.
Featured photos in addition to your favorites.
If I tap into this memory I can scroll through the all new mosaic layout.
My daughter Leslie and I adopted her puppy fondue last year and are missing her during the day.
The new photos app makes it simple for us to quickly reminisce.
This picture from my memories is a good one.
I’m gonna share it with Wesley to remind her we’re not always missing fondues best moments.
If I tap the share icon, you’ll see that we now have support for sharing photos.
Via messages and mail directly from my watch.
Let’s get this over to Wesley.
I’m going to tap Add message to show you that we’ve made it even easier to compose a message.
We can now dictate, scribble and add emojis in the same view.
I always find it easy to dictate my messages.
Remember this.
If I tap scribble, I can edit my text in line by selecting and deleting what I’d like to change.
And I can use the crown to move the cursor and add additional text and what messages complete without emojis to get a point across By tapping the emoji icon, I can add multiple emojis while in the scribble view.
Watch your state makes it easy to send the perfect message right from your wrist.
That was quick.
Wesley must have the puppy on the brain too.
And with gifts now on Apple Watch, I can reply as comedically as I would for my iPhone.
In the new app shelf you’ll find hashtag images, you can search for the perfect gift, or choose from your reasons.
I think a facepalm best captures how this photo makes me feel.
And that’s a look at what’s coming and watch it safe to keep you connected to the people and puppies you care about most, and now back to Kevin.
We think you’re gonna love these new features, and photos, and messages.
And of course, there’s so much more including next-hour precipitation, support for find items, and multiple timers.
WatchOS is the world most advanced variable operating system, and watchOS 8 takes it even further with new features that help you stay healthy, active, and connected.

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