OnePlus Watch review

OnePlus has gone slightly further than some with its watch features. The OnePlus Watch will control music played on your phone, and can also store a bunch of tracks itself, to send to a pair of wireless headphones. There’s around 2GB of space for your music.

When its fitness tracking features are finally fixed we’ll have a watch that lets you run or walk without your phone at all. You can control music during a workout, which is not the case in every single wearable.

The OnePlus Watch even has a speaker, but you can’t use this to play music. It’s for alarms, workout alerts and calls only. That’s right, you can make calls using this wearable, as there’s a microphone too. It acts like a Bluetooth headset, although why you’d want to talk into your wrist with the sound of your conversations spilling out so everyone at the train platform can hear is anyone’s guess.

OnePlus hasn’t leaned too far into these smartwatch-style features. The OnePlus Watch doesn’t have a digital assistant and you can’t download extra apps for it.

We can’t even use one of the smart features preinstalled either. Connect TV is one of the little apps on the OnePlus Watch, but it only works with a OnePlus TV. And you can’t buy a OnePlus TV in the UK.

In a more polished watch this feature might be removed for markets outside China. Don’t show buyers features they can’t even use: it’s not a good look.

Still, the OnePlus Watch can be used as a remote trigger for your phone’s camera, and it doesn’t have to be a OnePlus phone. And you can take blood oxygen saturation readings. This mode shines a red/infrared light into your wrist, and measures the reflected light. Oxygenated and deoxygenated blood absorb different amounts of red and infrared light, letting a simple optical scanner have a good crack at a reading.

Like most wrist-worn trackers, the OnePlus Watch will likely spit out a figure in the high 90% range, you’ll shrug your shoulders and go on with your day. Garmin has been putting blood oxygen saturation readers in some of its watches for years now, but the feature only really blew up in the public imagination when covid-19 arrived. Still, the OnePlus Watch can also record SpO2 readings while you sleep, as changes can indicate issues like sleep apnea.

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