Beta yourself: master iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Get Siri-ous: Siri no longer takes over your iPhone when activated. It now starts as a glowing orb at the foot of the screen, and results are overlaid as a card. Handy when you’re in an app you need to refer to, but require extra information.

Picture this: One day, everyone will write using only emoji — a day Apple’s brought nearer with iOS 14’s emoji keyboard. It now has a search field to rapidly filter available emoji. Return to the full selection via the button at the bottom-right.

Under the Spotlight: On iPad, search — Cmd+Space/two-finger downwards swipe — is now a compact overlay that resembles macOS Spotlight. Start typing and it’ll default to a matching app — hit Return to open it. Much faster than faffing with Home screens!

Dig deeper: Results in Search are grouped by category, and include calendar events, reminders, notes and email. If you’ve a connected keyboard on iPad, quickly navigate between sections by using Cmd+up/down arrow. Access items (or preview contact info) with Return.

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