Five mobile phone firsts that prove LG was never afraid to mix it up

LG has left the building – well, the Carphone Warehouse at least. The South Korean company will no longer release new mobile phones despite knowing a thing or two about superb OLED displays and never being afraid to innovate or simply try something bonkers different.

Perhaps it’s fitting it bows out on the completely bizarre LG Wing; a 90-degree swivel screen smartphone some say should never have made it to the drawing board, let alone a production line, but LG’s willingness to try out things other manufacturers daren’t meant its journey was always an interesting one, if not entirely successful.

But for every experiment never to be repeated, like the LG G5 and its modular system that never really became a thing, there’s a true LG innovation.

Did you know it released the first Android Wear smartwatch, the LG G Watch, back in 2014? In fact, five years earlier the LG GD910 “3G Watch-Phone” helped usher in a new generation of Dick Tracy-wearables.

LG, we salute you, thanks for making mobile phones fun, and as a token of our appreciation here are some of our favourite “firsts” from the LG logbook.

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