ZedPods – modular pre built homes designed to be installed above car parks

Zedpods are a clever new take on modular, ready made housing. The blocks are prefabricated in a huge factory warehouse in central England, then shipped on-site for assembly. What makes them extra interesting is the fact that one version is designed to sit on top of car parks, using a stilt type system. This leaves the car par open for use by the public, while offering affordable eco housing above. Very neat. The first installation has already gone up in Brighton, UK, and now the company are looking for permission for other sites.

What we aren’t told is how much they cost, but according to the video below, they are super energy efficient, using heat pumps and solar panels, and so should pay for themselves quite quickly. It looks as though the company is mainly targeting them at social housing at the moment, which means offering city councils the chance to quickly build houses for disadvantaged people. Apparently a whole collection of homes can be installed in 24 hours after shipment from the factory. Very interesting project.

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