Alleged specs of the Snapdragon 775 chipset leaked showing a 5nm build

Additional to what others have mentioned, the naming scheme for new nodes doesn’t really matter anymore (since 28nm). It has become increasingly meaningless to just compare names of different nodes as it is more marketing.

Samsung 5nm has different density and performance characteristics compared to TSMC’s 5nm process. Intel’s 14nm is roughly comparable to TSMC’s 10nm. With Intel 10nm being roughly comparable to TSMC 7nm, and Intel 7nm being comparable to TSMC’s 5nm. Intel is indeed behind, and their CPUs are not worth getting at the moment, but I would not rely on looking at marketing terms alone.

If leaks are to be believed, Intel’s 11th gen processors which use Intel’s newly designed cores for 10nm on 14nm will not be a compelling product. However, if Intel is able to manage it, Intel’s first 10nm desktop CPUs (which Intel is aiming to release later this year) should be more competitive with AMD and others.

Competition is good between both architectures, fabs, CPU design companies, and others.

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