Skullgirls: Annie goes up in Beta along with the Season Pass and a Linux support update

Ready to beat ’em up? Get ready for a fight as Skullgirls 2nd Encore now has the Annie DLC available in Beta along with the Season Pass and Linux users can get in on the fun.

Before getting into the thick of it, there’s some really good news to share on two fronts. Not only is Linux support continuing, with the Linux client up to date – they’ve also pulled in a new developer. Well, actually, it’s an old developer – sort of. They announced that Future Club, a co-op formed from the ashes of Lab Zero, has joined them on the development of Annie and the rest of the Season Pass. Perfect news if you’re a Skullgirls fan.

Now that Annie is actually here, just be aware while the DLC is available it’s considered in Early Access. You will need to either own the Season Pass or the Annie DLC directly and then also play through the Beta version. However, it’s done a bit differently. You don’t need to manually opt into anything, as it seems they ship the Beta along with the main build and give you a switch on startup to pick the version.

Since Annie isn’t yet finished, the “Story Mode and Character Tutorials/Trials will be made available once Early Access is complete” according to the developer.

You can buy a copy of Skullgirls from Humble Store and Steam.

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