‘Everhood’ Fights RPG Battles to the Beat of the Music

Everhood follows a living doll that’s lost its arm to a blue gnome. And you fight with music. Plus there’s kart racing. It’s a good time.

Being short an arm is getting annoying for you, so you set off into a wide, weird world filled with hostile, yet musically-inclined, folks to encounter. They’re all kind of lovable in their own strange ways, though, so there’s no hard feelings on the whole music fighting business. Except maybe during each match. At those times, when you’re likely wanting to just sit and savor the sharp tunes that are coming your way, you instead have to hop and weave around the beat to stay intact. A wooden doll can only take so much of a beating.


The music battles are fought by having waves of notes rushing your way. Think Guitar Hero, but instead of hitting the buttons to match the notes, you instead have to hop and move around the incoming commands. You’ll also get a sword to hit the notes back at times, but for the most part, you’ll need fast feet to keep from being beaten up by a tune played on a few planks of wood. Like I said, the game can get kind of bizarre. But in a really charming way!

Everhood aims to keep players off-guard through its interesting oddball characters and unconventional rhythm gameplay. And its kart racing, because why not have a little racing game thrown into the mix. More silly minigames are always welcome, and if Mortal Kombat can throw in kart racing, so can this game.

Everhood is available now on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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