Red Magic 6 and 6 Pro confirmed: Global release date, price and specs

When will the Red Magic 6 series be released?

The Red Magic 6 and 6 Pro were officially launched in Nubia’s native China on 4 March 2021. The phone will be released globally on 16 March.

Here’s how to rewatch the Red Magic 6 launch if you missed it.

How much will the Red Magic 6 and 6 Pro cost?

The regular Red Magic 6 starts at CNY 3799 for a model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage. That works out at roughly £420, although we’d expect it to be closer to the Red Magic 5S’s £539 starting price.

The Red Magic 6 Pro will set you back at least CNY 4399 (approx. £490). That’s where you’ll find 12GB of RAM alongside the 128GB storage, although a high-end model with 18GB of RAM is also available for CNY 5299 (around £590).

Red Magic 6 specs and features

Many of the Red Magic 6’s key features were teased ahead of time by Nubia Vice President Ni Fei on Weibo.

The most high-profile of these is the new 165Hz refresh rate, the highest you’ll find in any smartphone to date. Ni Fei hinted at a ‘breakthrough of screen refresh rate in the run-up to release’, but the exact figure wasn’t known until the Chinese launch event. It’s not clear how much of a difference this will actually make, with the Red Magic 5G and 5S already having silky-smooth 144Hz displays. This is combined with a 500Hz touch sampling rate, making the devices even more responsive.

Red Magic 6

Red Magic 6

The screen itself is still a Full HD (2400×1080) OLED panel, but now stretches a full 6.8in. It includes an optical in-display fingerprint sensor, which Nubia says is 50% faster than the Red Magic 5G.

The 6 Pro will also come with an impressive 120W wired a big step up from the 55W you’ll find on the Red Magic 5S and Red Magic 5G. Nubia claims this will get you from 0-50% charge in just five minutes. The regular 6 only supports 66W charging, but makes up for it with a larger 5,050 battery – the 6 Pro sticks with the same 4,500mAh capacity.

Yet other Ni Fei Weibo post revealed the new cooling system that’s making its way to the Red Magic 6 Pro. Known as Ice 6.0, it comes with 20,000rpm active fan, vapour chamber (which Nubia claims is the world’s thinnest) and a layer of graphite to prevent the processor from overheating. The post was accompanied by the following image:

Red Magic 6 cooling

Red Magic 6 cooling

The Red Magic 6 and 6 Pro will also come powered by the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, which will no doubt please gamers who want the best performance for their digital adventures.

There are triple rear cameras on both devices, although we only heard about the 64Mp main sensor. It’ll presumably be joined with an ultrawide and macro lens, like on the Red Magic 5S, but we can’t be sure.

Red Magic 6

Red Magic 6

As for the design, a video that was posted on Weibo shows the back of the new device, which features an electrochromic casing that is black but can become transparent at the touch of a button.

[embedded content]

This reveals the insides of the device, albeit with a band going down the middle of the casing that remains black. It’s a visually interesting design but seems a little flash and slightly pointless when many of these phones spend their lives in protective cases.

While the phone has now been officially announced, we couldn’t resist keeping this weird teaser video, originally shared on Weibo by Ni Fei:

[embedded content]

The strange clip highlight’s the phone’s “nine-axis spatial positioning” driven by a “high-speed centrifugal fan” – which will apparently be even more powerful on the Tencent edition of the phone. We don’t think it will allow the phone to float in mid-air, but that’s certainly the implication of Nubia’s teaser video.

Read more in our separate news story on the Red Magic 6 and 6 Pro. We discussed both phones on episode 55 of Fast Charge, our weekly phone show, and it’s available to watch below:

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